Anti-fascist gangster pervert jailed

Dominic Noonan after his release in 2014. Several cases against the "anti-fascist" gang boss collapsed, but he is now back behind bars.

Dominic Noonan after his release in 2014. Several cases against the “anti-fascist” gang boss collapsed, but he is now back behind bars.

One of Britain’s most notorious gangsters, who was in the vanguard of violent “anti-fascism”, is beginning an 11-year prison sentence for a series of crimes linked to his organised crime empire.  Dominic Noonan (who now spells his name “Domenyk”) presided over a reign of terror in the Manchester and Salford area. He was also convicted of “attempting to pervert the course of justice” after paying the parents of a young boy so that he would not give evidence about Noonan’s alleged sexual offences.

Noonan and his late brother – gangland assassin Dessie Noonan – had close ties to Irish republican terrorists and related “anti-fascist” activity in North West England which was at its peak in the 1990s. Dessie Noonan was killed by a black drug dealer in 2005.

Dominic Noonan – a well-known homosexual – surrounded himself with a coterie of teenage boys, and organised them in an orgy of rioting across Manchester following the death of Dessie’s nephew, black gangster Mark Duggan, in a controversial shooting by London police in 2011.

Heritage and Destiny readers will be familiar with the entire Noonan saga. We are only now able to report Dominic Noonan’s prison sentence – though he was jailed in September last year – because of a contempt of court order restricting reporting until a related case had concluded. Last year Dominic Noonan came to attention after the murder of another local gang boss Paul Massey, who shortly before his death had posted allegations online against Noonan. Massey had also been on the far left, but in the last year of his life had been a UKIP supporter.

Dominic Noonan leading mourners at the 2005 funeral of his brother, gangland assassin Dessie Noonan

Last week Noonan received a further two year sentence for perverting the course of justice, though he was acquitted of “engaging in a sex act in front of a minor”. Last September he was given a nine-year sentence for offences including blackmail and arson.

In 2004 Dominic Noonan was jailed for 9½ years for possession of a firearm: he was released in 2010 but briefly recalled to prison in 2011 for his role in that year’s riots.

While highlighting cases of hooliganism among their opponents (less among genuine nationalists than among the Islam-obsessed EDL and allied groups) “anti-fascists” are not keen to highlight their own close connections with notorious figures in Greater Manchester organised crime.  Coincidentally (or perhaps not) while the EDL gangsters and hooligans tend to support Manchester City (despite the club’s ownership by the Muslim ruling family of Abu Dhabi!), their “anti-fascist” opponents tend to be linked to the rival club Manchester United, and even produced an “anti-fascist” football fanzine, Red Attitude.


An interview with Salford gangland assassin Dessie Noonan published in the “anti-fascist” magazine Red Attitude in 1997.
Click on the images to download a larger version.


The most notorious “anti-fascist” gangsters in Greater Manchester were Salford’s Dessie Noonan, responsible for more than twenty gangland killings before his own murder in March 2005, and Manchester’s Paddy Logan, who like Noonan was involved with both Anti-Fascist Action and various Irish republican terrorist gangs before falling victim to an internal criminal feud, shot dead in his own bedroom in July 1999.


Key players in Manchester’s alliance between gangsters, IRA activists and “anti-fascists”. “DC” is Denis Clifford, activist in Red Action and Anti-Fascist Action, whose own brother was a member of the nationalist British Movement jailed for murder; “DN” is Dessie Noonan, the North West’s most feared gangland assassin; “ST” is Steve Tilzey, the most active Searchlight and AFA operative in the north of England, once jailed for kidnapping. This photo was taken in Manchester at the pro-IRA Manchester Martyrs march, also featuring local gangster and IRA supporter Paddy Logan.

Sadly however nationalists must admit that criminality and perversion are not unknown in our own ranks. Ironically in the same week as the latest Noonan case, former BNP activist Ian Hindle was convicted of a second sexual offence in the past few years.

Ian Hindle’s first conviction for sex offences was in 2008, when he was given a three-year sentence for offences involving 14-year-old girls.  Also sentenced in this 2008 case was Hindle’s fellow BNP activist Andrew Wells, who was then a well-known organised crime figure in the Blackburn area. Perhaps the most serious aspect of this case is that Wells was also involved in recruiting (among both nationalists and criminals) for a security company employed by NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Top Tory in “racist” storm after comments on black crime

Tory Oliver Letwin let the racist cat out of the bag

Tory Oliver Letwin let the racist cat out of the bag

Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin – regarded as one of the main intellectual influences on the modern Conservative Party – is at the centre of a storm over “racist” comments he made in the mid-1980s.

Letwin’s remarks will be published tomorrow by the UK’s National Archives, as part of the annual release for documents from 30 years ago. They form part of a discussion at the highest levels of Margaret Thatcher’s government, following riots in October 1985 on the Broadwater Farm estate in North London, where Police Constable Keith Blakelock was butchered by a mob of machete-wielding black thugs.

While many of his fellow Tories urged liberal responses – i.e. throwing money at black ghettos – Letwin and his colleague Hartley Booth advised Mrs Thatcher:

“The root of social malaise is not poor housing, youth ‘alienation’ or the lack of a middle class. Lower-class unemployed white people lived for years in appalling slums without a breakdown of public order on anything like the present scale.

“Riots, criminality and social disintegration are caused solely by individual characters and attitudes. So long as bad moral attitudes remain, all efforts to improve inner cities will founder.”

They mocked suggestions that government money should fund young black entrepreneurs:

“New entrepreneurs will set up in the disco and drug trade; refurbished council blocks will decay through vandalism and neglect; and people will graduate from employment programmes into unemployment or crime.”

Booth (who eventually succeeded Thatcher as MP for Finchley from 1992 to 1997) added that the proposal to spend £10m on a “communities programme” in the riot-hit area would merely “subsidise Rastafarian arts and crafts workshops”.  He warned in a later memo that there had been reports of Broadwater Farm residents acquiring petrol bombs and napalm.

Murdered policeman Keith Blakelock (left) and a court reporter's drawing of Nicholas Jacobs, who was cleared of PC Blakelock's murder in 2014.  The killing remains officially unsolved.

Murdered policeman Keith Blakelock (left) and a court reporter’s drawing of Nicholas Jacobs, who was cleared of PC Blakelock’s murder in 2014. The killing remains officially unsolved.

These comments by Letwin and Booth are not officially published until tomorrow, but an error by online journalists who had been given an advance briefing (on condition they did not report the contents until tomorrow) has meant the story broke early.  Predicatably leftwingers have expressed outrage.  Labour Party spokesman John Ashworth demanded a retraction:

“These offensive remarks are very concerning, particularly given his very senior position in the current Government as David Cameron’s policy supremo.

“I’m sure Mr Letwin will want to clarify these remarks and apologise as soon as possible.”

Sadly we expect Letwin will be forced to grovel: no one in the mainstream media will dare to reflect on whether his words might have been true.

8 AM update: The full Downing Street file on the Broadwater Farm riot has been published this morning and can be downloaded here as a PDF.

Live by the MAC-10, die by the MAC-10

Greater Manchester Police continue to investigate the gangland assassination of notorious Salford criminal and violent ‘anti-fascist’ Paul Massey, one week after his death in a hail of bullets outside his home.

For the past year Massey had been an outspoken supporter of UKIP, a fact which H&D understands might owe less to ideological conviction and more to the family connections of a local UKIP candidate.  We trust that the mainstream press will summon up the courage to investigate these connections, and the much longer story of Massey’s ‘anti-fascist’ ties.

Ken Keating - Paul Massey

An unlikely UKIPper: Paul Massey with notorious Salford anarchist Ken Keating

Detectives investigating the Massey case will no doubt have the assistance of MI5, who began investigating his organised crime empire at least twenty years ago.  One important informant was Ben Alagha, a former spy for the Shah of Iran’s notorious secret service SAVAK. Alagha had taken refuge in London after the Iranian revolution and became a full-time criminal, eventually marrying the daughter of London mobster Henry Suttee.

Gangland gun-runner: Paul Massey's cousin Connie Howarth

Gangland gun-runner: Paul Massey’s cousin Connie Howarth

In May 1997 Suttee was observed by a police surveillance team at the home of a North London arms dealer, in a car driven by Paul Massey’s cousin Connie Howarth. Swooping on the car, police found three Ingram MAC-10 submachine guns and 360 rounds of ammunition. Another passenger in the car was Glasgow godfather Paul Ferris, a close associate of Paul Massey who (like the Salford ‘Mr Big’) ran a security company.

Some months earlier police had been gifted a connection to Ferris when one of his company’s employees got blind drunk on the Euston-Glasgow train. Railway police boarded the train at Preston to deal with this drunken Glaswegian and found he was carrying a Ceska pistol with silencer and ammunition.

The Glasgow-Manchester axis also had a Dublin connection: unsurprisingly Ferris was a Celtic supporter and Massey a devoted Manchester United fan.  They were among the large section of fans at both clubs with strong Irish Republican sympathies.

In March 2006, while Paul Massey was serving a prison sentence, one of his criminal cronies Bobby Spiers, a director of Massey’s Salford security firm PMS, planned a gangland murder from an exclusive hospitality box at United’s Old Trafford stadium.

During half-time at the Man Utd – Newcastle match, thinking he had the perfect alibi, Spiers coordinated with Massey’s cousin Connie Howarth, who was acting as his spotter inside a Salford pub, the Brass Handles.  Once she gave the word that target David Totton was inside the pub, Spiers instructed his hired gunmen (two members of a black gang controlling the heroin trade in Manchester’s West Indian ghetto, Moss Side) to move in.

Bungling assassins Richard Austin and Carlton Alveranga: hired by Paul Massey's right-hand man for a gangland killing

Bungling assassins Richard Austin and Carlton Alveranga: hired by Paul Massey’s right-hand man for a gangland killing

They shot Totton in the face and chest but failed to kill him.  Other gangsters in the pub then overpowered the bungling would-be assassins and shot them dead with their own guns.

Last week’s killer didn’t botch his job.  It would not be surprising to learn that the chosen weapon was a reactivated MAC-10, which fires a thirty-round clip in only two seconds.

Manchester’s chief constable Sir Peter Fahy (due to retire in October and already seen as a lame duck) insists that his force has a grip on local gang crime, but suggests that there are at least three brutal gang wars under way on his patch, one of them over ‘respect’ or lack of it between rivals.

The late Mr Massey had recently shown little respect for his former ally in ‘anti-fascism’ and crime, Dominic Noonan, accusing Noonan of involvement in rape, gay paedophilia and being a police informer.

Not much honour it seems among ‘anti-fascists’, gunmen or thieves.

Anti-fascist gangster shot dead

Paul Massey – one of Britain’s leading organised crime figures – was shot dead near his home in Salford on Sunday night.

Massey was a former leading activist in the anarchist group Class War, and together with members of the infamous Noonan family had played a bizarre double role in violent ‘anti-fascism’ and straightforward brutal criminality.


However during the past year he had posted several tweets supporting UKIP, and less than three weeks ago sent a tweet apparently accusing Dominic Noonan of being a paid police informant.

Massey tweet

Paul Massey’s mysterious tweet less than three weeks before his murder – seemed to accuse fellow gangster and ‘anti-fascist’ Dominic Noonan of being a police informant.

In 2012 Massey was a candidate for Mayor of Salford: his campaign manager Nic Seddon was later jailed for murdering his own parents. In April 2015 another close friend of Massey’s, former boxer Paul ‘One-Punch’ Doyle, received a 16-year jail sentence for his role as boss of a heroin and cocaine empire.

Paul Massey (far right) as a pall bearer at the funeral of Class War anarchist Ken Keating in 2011, where Massey gave the oration.

The murder of Paul Massey might spark a new Chicago-style gang war on the streets of North West England.  It should also lead to a long overdue examination of the links between this gangland milieu and ‘anti-fascist’ politics – but sadly it won’t: not in the mainstream media at any rate. However it wouldn’t surprise me to see the national press taking a close look at one or two of Massey’s UKIP associates and family friends…

Former Class War anarchist  and gangland 'Mr Big' Paul Massey endorsed UKIP at the General Election.

Former Class War anarchist and gangland ‘Mr Big’ Paul Massey endorsed UKIP at the General Election.

“Anti-fascist” gangster and the 2011 riots

riotpic3Ten days on from the riots that hit British cities in mid-August 2011 it has become clear that Mark Duggan – the gunman and drug dealer whose death at the hands of police marksmen triggered the initial riots in Tottenham – was more than the standard issue black gangster.

Duggan was the nephew of Manchester’s leading godfathers, the Noonan brothers, whose connection to anti-fascist politics was detailed in Heritage and Destiny Issue 15 (April 2004).  Duggan’s aunt Julie Easton – mother of fellow gangster Kelvin Easton whose murder Duggan was planning to revenge when the Metropolitan Police ended his life of crime – is the former wife of Dessie Noonan, a gangland assassin responsible for more than two dozen murders.

Dessie Noonan also acted as an enforcer for Manchester’s anti-fascist movement, which has been bankrolled for decades by the city’s influential and militant Jewish community.  Their campaigns included employing Dessie Noonan to threaten Manchester nationalists at gunpoint.  A year after Noonan’s exposure in H&D he was stabbed to death on 19th March 2005.  His brother Dominic (also an active anti-fascist as well as openly homosexual) continued the family business and has been jailed several times for armed robberies and firearms offences.

As Mark Duggan advanced his own career in North London organised crime he frequently travelled to Salford to meet his Noonan relatives.  So it was no surprise that within days of his death Dominic Noonan mobilised his Salford gang to instigate further rioting.  Taking advantage of the transfer of many Greater Manchester policemen to reinforce embattled colleagues in the capital, Noonan led his own troops into Manchester city centre, where they torched and looted for hours.

For further updates on the riots and the Noonan connection, see the forthcoming H&D Issue 46 (available at the end of September).

In a further blow to the liberal orthodoxy – that the riots were a reaction to black poverty and “racist” oppression, a 20-year-old semi-professional footballer has been arrested for stoning police and looting clothes from an exclusive Sloane Square store.

Mario Quiassaca, who when not playing football for Staines Town had been a student at Kingston College until he was expelled in January this year, kicked in windows at the Hugo Boss shop and stole items worth £1,133, including a puffa jacket that he foolish enough to wear on his way home!

On August 12th he admitted theft and violent disorder, and was remanded in custody at Westminster Magistrates Court.

The true face of cultural enrichment

markdugganLondon is ablaze as the multiracial chickens come home to roost for three generations of liberal politicians who systematically destroyed England’s capital.  The thugs looting and burning across the city’s ethnic enclaves may be prosecuted, though our police have long since regarded some of them as no go zones exempt from law and order.  Yet the people who must truly be held to account for 2011’s multicultural hell can only be removed by a political revolution.  Have our voters got the will to turf out Lib, Lab and Con?

Mark Duggan (pictured above left) was an unexceptional product of London’s black community – a typical target of Scotland Yard’s ‘Operation Trident’ which fights a losing battle against black gun crime, usually linked to drug dealing.  Last Thursday he was shot dead by armed policemen near Tottenham Hale station.  Duggan was carrying a gun at the time, and while present evidence suggests he didn’t get the chance to shoot back at the police, it seems likely that he was stopped on his way to carrying out a revenge killing, following the murder of his fellow gangster Kelvin Easton a few months ago.

The reason Duggan’s death has ignited a tinder box is twofold.  Initial violence in Tottenham was because the likes of Duggan and Easton are seen as “elders” of their community, which has no respect for civilised values – not least because over the last quarter-century the forces of “democracy” and “law” have taught such people that any level of ignorance, any depth of depravity, any scale of law breaking will utimately be tolerated for the sake of “respecting” an ethnic minority and building an “enriched” multicultural society.

Now the violence is spreading because other ethnic enclaves (so far predominantly black African and Afro-Caribbean ones) have picked up the message that rioting and looting might get them the chance of a free television and other goodies which they fear being denied as a result of the current financial crisis, which is leading to the curtailment of the benefit culture.

The tragedy is that for the time being British nationalist politics is paralysed, as the slow death of Nick Griffin’s BNP is delaying the emergence of a positive alternative.

As nationalists meet this month to plan a post-Griffin movement, the England First Party will be playing a central role in these developments.  We are determined that racial nationalism will not be diluted into an Islamophobic charade.  Events in London this week prove that the problem with multiculturalism is primarily racial, not religious.  Virtually none of the Tottenham rioters were Muslims, and even the terms used by North London’s gangsters, describing themselves as “elders”, reflect their Christian cultural roots in the Caribbean and Africa – which is where they should be invited to return as quickly as possible!

New criminal conviction shows why multi-culturalism isn’t working

Crime gang receive lengthy jail terms.

LEP.CO.UK, 17 Dec 2009:The ringleader of a Lancashire gang, which formed part of an international conspiracy to import guns, drugs and ammunition into the UK has been jailed for 24 years.

Said to be Lancashire’s biggest ever criminal investigation, the crime gang was caught out by a three-year investigation tracking phone calls, travel by road, sea and air, and which vehicles members bought.

The Lancashire arm of the group, based in Preston and Lancaster, was today due to be sentenced by Judge Mark Brown.

Ivan Hue, 33, said to have been the ringleader of the Preston connection, was found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A and class C drugs. On Thursday he was sentenced to 24 years.

Read full article [external link]

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