PARTY NEWS: Civic nationalist Free England Party calls it a day!

The liberal, “civil nationalist” Free England Party (FEP) folded this week. We understand that their “leader” Andrew Constantine (who formed the party 3 years ago after splitting from the English Democrats) closed the party down after some members wanted to change the party into an ethnic-nationalist party. Its seems that the tiny English Independence Party were also involved in this change of policy and may have also closed down now.

Andrew Constentine, Free England PartyIn its short history the FEP never had any candidates elected nor had any local Councillors. They seemed to attack other English Nationalists in the English Democrats and England First rather more than the political liberal-left – which many found odd. Some nationalists even said than the FEP was a state-sponsored party right from the start (formed to damage the ED’s?). The FEP leadership also thought that any African, Asian or other non-Whites born in England were English!

No we are not joking, these so-called nationalists really believed that!

Anyway, the good news is that a number of former FEP members have contacted England First about coming aboard – 2 have joined already. We welcome all real English nationalists into England First, but would like to point out to all would-be England First members, that we are not civic nationalists – we are racial nationalists – and proud of it.

Bank bail-out: every family shouldering £4,350 tax liability

Every family in the country is now facing a tax liability of £4,350 to prop up Britain’s banking system.

DAILY TELEGRAPH, 4 Nov 2009: Alistair Darling yesterday unveiled the biggest bail-out of any bank in history.

The Chancellor confirmed that the Government would pump an extra £25.5 billion into Royal Bank of Scotland, declaring that this was the only way to keep it alive.

Taxpayers have now poured a total of £53.5 billion into RBS alone, including the £20 billion part-nationalisation last year and another £8 billion set aside yesterday as insurance against further trouble in the future.

In total, the Government has now pumped £74 billion of taxpayers’ money into the banks since the start of the financial crisis a year ago.

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BNP withdraws from campaigning for Glasgow North East by-election

Nick Griffin reveals he would support a referendum on Scottish independence…

THE TIMES, 29 Oct 2009: Nick Griffin, the British National Party leader, revealed during a visit to Hamilton yesterday that he would support a referendum on Scottish independence.

His comments will be regarded as an embarrassment for the SNP, who are unlikely to welcome any suggestion that their referendum plans are supported by the right-wing extremist party. The three Unionist parties at Holyrood oppose the proposals to hold a referendum next year.

Mr Griffin suffered a humiliation of his own yesterday when he was forced to withdraw from campaigning in the Glasgow North East constituency. About 40 protesters heckled the politician and threw eggs when he arrived at the headquarters of L107, a radio station based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, leading to three arrests. A BNP spokesman later claimed Mr Griffin had been delayed by a previous meeting at a veterans’ charity in Hamilton.

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EFP comments on the Labour Party Conference 2009

— Yesterday afternoon the delegates to the Labour Party Conference – Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Peers, Party officials and 2000 delegates from across the United Kingdom got up and clapped and shouted their approval as Gordon Brown, MP for Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath in Fifeshire in Scotland, announced measure after measure of new legislation for England, and only for England, in defiance of the very fundamentals of what the people of England founded their parliament for 800 years ago.

EFP  Comment:

“Gordon Brown announced new legislation to place new teenage mothers in hostels rather than council houses; to provide free personal care for the very elderly in their homes, to limit pub opening hours, to control broken families unable to control their children, to bring in additional controls on wild disruptive youngsters, to provide 250,000 free childcare places and to delay the introduction of ID cards. Very many people will indeed agree with these measures. These are issues that the EFP would support, but we are also concerned with democracy for England. When England – and the British Isles stops all further non-white immigration and gets its own parliament, this parliament will concern itself wholeheartedly with the welfare of the people of England – the real true people of England – white people!”

These measures concern matters which affect England only. The fundamental nature of English democracy as founded with the English Parliament in the 13th century and developed by the people of England over the past 800 years is that it is representative democracy. Law makers are accountable to the people who elect them. They are elected to be their representatives in their parliament. But Brown is not elected by any English voters. He is not accountable to any English voter for any of these specific measures. His action, and the conference applause for it, is a repudiation of this most fundamental aspect of the English democratic tradition.

NEW CAMPAIGN: Cast you vote for REAL electoral reform

Dear Nationalists,

I know you’re busy, but please spare a moment to look at this website:

It’ll only take a few minutes of your time (you only need enter your name, email and postcode), but it could be one of the most effective opportunities for us to promote an English Parliament and an end to non-white immigration. If we all remain silent, we really will deserve what we’re given.

POWER2010 has its roots in the Power Inquiry, which was established by the Rowntree Trusts in 2005 and undertook the biggest ever inquiry into the health of Britain’s democracy.

English CampaignThey want to identify five key reforms that will change the way we do politics in this country and the five most popular ideas will become the POWER2010 Pledge.

They will then ensure every candidate standing at the next election is asked to make a public commitment – a pledge – on these policies. Can you help make stopping all further non-white immigration and a referendum on an English Parliament two of them?

Many thanks,

EFP admin

“England remains little more than a centrally governed colony”

Tony Travers, LSE England First welcome this recent, though indeed very belated, recognition by Dr. Tony Travers of the London School of Economics of England’s constitutional and political situation compared to the devolved status of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Dr. Travers, director of the LSE Research Centre, is the foremost English expert on local government matters, esteemed very highly and consulted constantly by Whitehall, the media and his fellow academics. His recent article ‘We must support Scotland’ (Local Government Chronicle Aug.29th ’09) which deals with the Megrahi affair, has highlighted its constitutional implications for the UK and what it means for England.

‘For the people of England,’ he writes, ‘the revelation that a Scottish politician can make such a life-and-death decision with massive international ramifications serves to point out how privileged the Scots now are within the UK’s so-called constitution. The 50 million English and their elected local institutions have nothing like the devolved power of the five million Scots, three million Welsh or one million Ulsterman. Scotland may now be a nation free to decide its own justice policy, but England remains little more than a centrally governed colony’.

It is to be welcomed that Dr Travers has now had this insight into the implications for England of the 1998 Devolution legislation. It is precisely what England First has been saying for the past 5 years. Regretably however, Dr Travers like many traditional British-minded academics still thinks of English devolution in terms of regionalism, even though the people of England’s overwhelmingly rejected the measure in the 2004 referendum. It is still their mind-set. As George Orwell noted over half a century ago there is an immense pool of English intellectuals who are strangely uncomfortable in their English skin.

The next four significant mental break-throughs for academics like Dr. Travers is first the recognition that Devolution 1998 was given to nations qua nations, as is explicit in the text of the legislation. The second is to make themselves intellectually and culturally comfortable with being English, which is what they are, just as the Scots and the Welsh are comfortable with their national identity. Over 60 years ago George Orwell wrote about the strange phenomenon of an immense pool of English intellectuals who feel uncomfortable in their English skin. The third is to recognise that England cannot be balkanised without immense damage and divisiveness. As Will Hutton wrote in 2001 ‘regional assemblies will a veritable witches’ brew of internecine rivalries’. The fourth is an open mind to the introduction of a new Union in which the three historic nations of this island will stand in the same relationship to the UK government and to each other’.

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