Griffin’s pantomime comeback

Nick Griffin is best remembered for his roles in Carry on Cleo (“Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me!”) and Sunset Boulevard (“I’m still big, it’s the politics that got small”).

This year Griffin follows in the footsteps of other show business hasbeens such as Mickey Rooney, trying to eke out his EU pension with a turn in that most British of theatrical traditions – pantomime.

Backed by canny impresario Jim Dowson, Griffin hopes that his tired routine of gags about queers, communists and spies – some not heard since his 1988 hit Attempted Murder – will have a gullible public queueing at the box office to hand over their hard earned shekels.

Griffin’s attempted comeback has been insightfully reviewed by veteran nationalist Eddy Morrison at Nationalist Sentinel, and by Jez Turner of the London Forum at Radio Aryan.

But we must warn readers. Beware the traditional panto cry to look “behind you”!  In Mr Griffin’s case there’s a very real chance he might have a knife (or worse) in his hand: you have been warned – watch your backs!

Will the real Thomas Mair please stand up?

Todd Blodgett addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in July 1999.  Don Black the webmaster of Stormfront is seated to his left.

Todd Blodgett addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in July 1999. Don Black the webmaster of Stormfront is seated to his left.

Some of you may have seen the article – “Accused British Assassin Thomas Mair Attended Racists’ 2000 Meeting” on the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Centre) website on June 19th.

The article was written by the SPLC’s top honcho Mark Potok but the story was provided by one Todd Blodgett, a former employee of the Reagan White House administration, John Whitehouse, Liberty Lobby, Resistance Records, and now it seems the FBI!

Blodgett – whom I once knew very well as my employer, friend and fellow racial-nationalist from 1998 to 2002 – has sadly sold his soul again to the SPLC: for money for a few more lines of cocaine no doubt.

Potok (who was never one to let truth get in the way of a good story) and Blodgett then came up with the tale of Thomas Mair’s supposed links to the nationalist movement in general and the National Alliance in particular, which it is claimed brought him down to London for a “racist meeting” in May 2000.

So desperate for a few more bucks to feed his habit(s), Blodgett has invented the whole story about Thomas Mair attending this racist meeting and how Todd met and talked to him there. And how I, with my vast network of racist contacts in the UK supposedly organised the whole event from my ground-floor apartment (flat) in Falls Church, Northern Virginia. A story which the SPLC bought (literally!) from him!

Now to give Blodgett some credit he did attend a meeting of some 15-20 racial nationalist activists near the Strand, in central London – but it was not organised by me and it was certainly not in May 2000. The meeting was in fact organised by Nick Griffin, then unofficial number two in the BNP to the late John Tyndall, and was held sometime during 1998.

At that time Blodgett was working for Willis Carto at Liberty Lobby, and not as he now claims for Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance.  Carto had purchased Resistance Records from Jason Snow and George Burdi/Hawthorne a year or so beforehand but later wanted to sell it on. (I guess he did not wish his Spotlight newspaper to be associated with Skinheads anymore.)

Blodgett was in fact the middle man between Willis Carto and William Pierce (who by the way hated each other, so would not deal with each other directly – so they did the deal via Todd Blodgett, who may or may not have taken a small cut for his trouble).

Stevie Cartwright addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in March 1999.  Dr. Sam Francis, former columnist for the Washington Times is seated to his left.

Stevie Cartwright addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in March 1999. Dr. Sam Francis, former columnist for the Washington Times is seated to his left.

Griffin with the help of then Scottish BNP activist Stevie Cartwright (Blodgett got that bit right too) got together 15 to 20 of the main players in the Nationalist music scene, who were also sympathetic to Griffin and his future challenge for the BNP leadership, to meet Blodgett and hear his plans for expanding Resistance Records into Britain and the European Market.

Whether his FBI controllers were with Blodgett at the London meeting is unknown but if I were a gambling man I would say it was very, very doubtful because:
(a) I doubt very much that he was an FBI informant back in 1998 and
(b) the American Spooks did not really take that much notice or interest in us (what they would call the far-right) until after 9/11 – and after 9/11 of course it all went rather mental!

Anyway, back to the London meeting in the Strand in 1998 (not 2000). One thing is clear after 18 years: Thomas Mair was not at that meeting, he had not been invited, and in fact nobody had ever heard of him! The meeting was for the top / key players in the scene – Mair was not even IN the scene!

Blodgett made up the story that Mair was there and fed (sold) it to the SPLC, who in turn passed it on to news agencies around the world – including our very own BBC – who have now called me twice to find out more about this Thomas Mair chap.

Amongst his fairy tales Blodgett claims that Mair was “loosely affiliated with the Leeds chapter of the National Alliance”. The NA never had a Leeds Chapter – in fact they never even had a UK chapter, though a now deceased individual in the Leeds area ran a mail order book service with NA connections. Around that time – 1998-2000 – the NA may have had 20 to 30 members in the whole of the UK, and that’s tops. They were not organised as chapters and in most cases did not even know each other.

Dr. William Pierce addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in August 1999.   Don Wassall, editor of the Nationalist Times is seated to his left.

Dr. William Pierce addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in August 1999. Don Wassall, editor of the Nationalist Times is seated to his left.

My guess is (and I must stress this is only a guess) is that Mair knew somebody in the Batley area (maybe an NF or BNP member) who got him some flyers and/or catalogues from the NA. This person may have got these at a local NF/BNP meeting, where fringe literature from the USA was often (unofficially) passed around.

Potok goes on in his article about Mair subscribing to a “pro-apartheid South African publication”. The magazine that Mair did in fact subscribe to was South African Patriot In Exile (SAPIE) – published by one Alan Harvey, from his mother’s house in Herne Bay on the Kent coast – many, many miles away from South Africa.

Mair, in a letter he sent to SAPIE which was published in issue #31 in 1992, claimed he first got hold of their magazine via the NF. He did not say whether he wrote off to the NF and bought it from them (they did sell South African Patriot [the forerunner to SAPIE] at the time) or if he bought it at a local NF meeting in Yorkshire. Mair had a further letter published by SAPIE in issue #35 in 1995.

Strangely Potok does not mention that SAPIE was very pro-Zionist and very anti-Nazi (and still is as far as I’m aware) or that its editor Alan Harvey describes himself as “101% pro-Israel”. I guess that would not tie in well with his claims that Mair was a “neo-Nazi”.

Richard Barnbrook addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in August 2000.  He attended the meeting with his American wife and her family.

Richard Barnbrook addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in August 2000. He attended the meeting with his American wife and her family.

Further on in the article Blodgett claims that Richard Barnbrook was at this “secret meeting” supposedly held in May 2000. Barnbrook first appeared on the Nationalist scene in the summer of 2000 where he was the official cameraman at the BNP’s inaugural Red, White and Blue Festival near Oswestry. Barnbrook later came to fame when he became the first (and only) BNP member to be elected to the Greater London Assembly in 2008. As I pointed out earlier the London meeting was in fact held in 1998, and Barnbrook was not there. I doubt he was even a member of the BNP then.

Potok goes on in the next paragraph to say that I was “later deported (from the USA) for his activities”. Well as anybody with half a brain cell can find out by going online, I have never been deported from the USA – or any other country for that matter. But as I said earlier, Potok was never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Just for the record I was handed a 10-year exclusion order from an immigration judge in Arlington County, Virginia in September 2002. The judge gave me three months to vacate the USA, as I had my home, job and wife there, so we needed plenty of time to sort things out. I vacated the USA with my wife Jenny at the start of November 2002 and have never returned since.

Ok, back to the “secret meeting”. Potok claims that Dr. William Pierce (leader of the NA) “had recently bought Resistance Records”. This is another lie: at the time of the meeting RR was still owned by Willis Carto.

Potok further states that he (Pierce) “would soon be releasing an electronic game to be called Ethnic Cleansing.” Another whopper of a lie here. That game was released in 2002, four years after that “secret meeting”. So ask yourself who could or would have been “giddy” (as Blodgett and Potok claim) about an electronic game that had not even been invented yet and was still four years from release?

After having spoken to Stevie Cartwright at some length about the “secret meeting” in London’s Strand back in 1998 (his memories of the era are a lot clearer than mine, well I am 55 going on 56 now!) he can categorically state that Blodgett knew no one personally at all who was invited to that meeting, either by name or by description. That being so he would not have known whether Thomas Mair had been there or not, which of course he wasn’t anyway.

Another fact exposing the lie that this meeting was held in 2000 was the fact that when Stevie Cartwright came to the USA in March 1999 to do a series of speeches and “house meetings” he also did some work in Todd Blodgett’s temporary Resistance Records office in the Woodley Park area of Washington DC. Stevie was renewing his acquaintance with Todd whom he had met before at that London meeting. So how on earth could that meeting have been in 2000? A complete nonsense!

If the truth be known, and that’s REAL truth – not some Cock and Bull Story made up by Potok and Blodgett – it might well be that Thomas Mair did have an interest in racial-nationalism, and that’s why he bought papers, magazines and books from a whole host of what the BBC would describe as “Far-Right” groups – including the National Alliance, South African Patriot and the National Front.

However, that does not make Mair a right-wing/nationalist/neo-Nazi (or whatever you want to call it) activist. Far from it, Mair was what some in our movement used to call an “arm-chair nationalist”, but now would more likely be called a “keyboard warrior”, i.e. he was the opposite of an activist – a non-activist in fact. He did nothing at all for the nationalist cause or movement in the past 15 to 20 years.

And the first time we hear of him is when he is accused of murdering the Labour MP Jo Cox on Thursday 16th June 2016.

Mark Cotterill addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in July 1999.  Vincent Breeding, then election campaign manager for David Duke is seated to his left.

Mark Cotterill addressing an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia in July 1999. Vincent Breeding, then election campaign manager for David Duke is seated to his left.

As Todd Blodgett has chosen to put himself at the centre of this ridiculous conspiracy, either for monetary gain or as a favour to his handlers, then surely any prosecuting lawyer worth his salt would call Blodgett as a witness to the character and alleged “prejudices” of Tommy Mair. However, once the details are looked into and examined at length it would be blatantly clear that this was simply a fiction from the fevered mind of a criminal liar, fantasist and traitor who has been egged on by his bosom buddies in the SPLC hate group.

Now as anybody in the movement who knows me can tell you, I’m not one for conspiracy theories and never have been: but something is just not right here. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I – or somebody better than me – will. The real truth about Thomas Mair will come out. So Mark Potok – watch this space!

Mark Cotterill, editor, Heritage and Destiny

PS: In a few days time Heritage and Destiny will publish a further exposé of the SPLC/FBI hired liar and crook Todd Blodgett.

Former BNP activist back in Court

A 40-year old Blackburn man, described by his teenage girlfriend as ‘controlling’ subjected her to two brutal assaults in the space of two weeks. Earlier week Blackburn magistrates heard in the first attack the girl was punched in the face and grabbed round the throat.  In the second she was repeatedly punched and then kicked as she lay on the floor before being kneed in the crutch.

Former BNP activist, crack cocaine addict and sex offender Ian Hindle

Former BNP activist, crack cocaine addict and sex offender Ian Hindle

Ian Hindle, 40, of Church Walk, Blackburn, a former BNP activist pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting Tania Derbyshire. He was remanded in custody for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Miss Derbyshire had been in a relationship with Hindle since just after she turned 16 (sixteen) after meeting him through Facebook.

“The prosecution say he has groomed a vulnerable person who has only just turned 18,” said Miss Allan. “He introduced her to drugs and there has been a previous history of violence against her.”

Miss Allan said on the first occasion Miss Derbyshire had gone to his sister’s home and waited for him. “He arrived 30 minutes later, high on drugs, and accused her of cheating on him,” said Miss Allan.

“He punched her on the head and then grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against a wall.”

The second incident happened at Hindle’s home. He dragged Miss Derbyshire upstairs by her hair where he repeatedly kicked and punched her.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said Hindle was addicted to crack cocaine and that impacted on his behaviour.

Hindle's mother Florence, a Blackburn BNP official who split the nationalist vote on Nick Griffin's orders to hand victory to Labour.

Hindle’s mother Florence, a Blackburn BNP official who split the nationalist vote on Nick Griffin’s orders to hand victory to Labour.

Hindle’s mother – Florence Hindle (who was a leading supporter of Nick Griffin) – was secretary of Blackburn BNP branch and stood as a BNP candidate in local elections on numerous occasions, including Mill Hill ward in 2007, where she stood against England First candidate Kevin Shaw.  Mr Shaw had been tipped by many to win, but acting on Nick Griffin’s instructions Ms Hindle split the nationalist vote and handed what should have been a nationalist victory to the Labour Party.

Ian Hindle’s first conviction for sex offences was in 2008, when he was given a three-year sentence for offences involving 14-year-old girls.  Also sentenced in this 2008 case was Hindle’s fellow BNP activist Andrew Wells, a well-known organised crime figure in the Blackburn area. Perhaps the most serious aspect of this case is that Wells was also involved in recruiting (among both nationalists and criminals) for a security company employed by NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nick Griffin and fellow nationalists in St Petersburg

Nick Griffin - St Petersburg 2015

Nick Griffin speaking to the press at a conference in St Petersburg, March 2015

Former BNP leader Nick Griffin was among several well known nationalists and defenders of the White cause who attended a conference this weekend in St Petersburg, reported by newspapers including The Independent.

In recent months Mr Griffin has been saying a lot of sensible things about the West’s futile war on President Assad of Syria, and the new “cold war” with President Putin’s Russia.

In his St Petersburg speech, Mr Griffin reportedly said “the survival of Christendom” is “absolutely impossible without the rise of the Third Rome: Moscow.”

In one sense we agree with his analysis: European civilisation would always have benefited from a German-Russian axis, as Bismarck perceived as long ago as the 1870s, which would have prevented the last century’s catastrophic European civil wars and halted our continent’s descent into multi-culti barbarism.

My only real difference with Mr Griffin’s analysis is his residual Islam-obsession, which admittedly is nowhere near as bad as it once was, and is a great improvement on the continued blinkered stance of the EDL and the new BNP leadership.

If you are going to mention the phantom menace of the “Islamic caliphate” when in Russia, of all places, you should be aware that the mid-19th century reinvention of that concept was really a pawn in the “great game” of diplomatic intrigue between Britain and Czarist Russia, further hyped during the First World War by that arch-intriguer Sir Mark Sykes, the British imperial midwife to the Zionist project.

Col. Cyril Wilson – one of the main British architects of the Arab Revolt during the First World War – wrote:
“When we were pro-Turk and anti-Russia we also rallied Indian Moslems to the green flag and filled them with strange ideas regarding the Ottoman Caliphate.”

Sharif Hussein of Mecca, the key British ally in launching the Arab revolt, noted: “Great Britain repeatedly and plainly declared, by writing, her desire to restore the Arab Caliphate.”

While Sir Mark Sykes himself later reflected:
“The caliphate of the Turks was never anything but a name until we boomed it, and it has never been anything but a nuisance to us since we did so.”


Nick Griffin speaks in Italy alongside NPD leader

Udo Voigt – NPD leader and newly elected MEP – addresses a meeting of European nationalists in Milan on December 20th: Nick Griffin was on the platform (second left), his old comrade Roberto Fiore (far right) organised the event.

Despite struggling to build a new British nationalist movement, following the bloody purge earlier this year leading first to his losing control of the BNP and then to the expulsion of his entire faction from the party, Nick Griffin was an honoured guest and speaker at a pan-European conference of nationalists held in Italy a few days before Christmas.

The event launched an “Alliance for Peace and Freedom” and was organised by Griffin’s old comrade Roberto Fiore, leader of Italian nationalist party Forza Nuova.

Fellow speakers included Udo Voigt, leader of the German nationalist party NPD, who was elected to the European Parliament earlier this year; and Stefan Jacobsson, leader of a radical Swedish nationalist movement called Party of the Swedes.

Within Italy the most significant news was the participation of Maria Teresa Baldini, an elected regional councillor previously associated with the Lega Nord.

Strangely the Italian media billed Griffin as “President of the British National Party” – despite his having been forced out of that party months ago.  Griffin’s former ally (now bitter enemy) Pat Harrington, who masterminded this year’s leadership coup inside the BNP, has written a comment on the Searchlight website making the correct (if waspish) point:

“I don’t believe anyone from the British National Party was there. The confusion on this point comes from the fact that the former BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin, attended. He was expelled from the BNP and now runs his own small group as I’m sure you know.”

A video report of the conference (in Italian) is online here.

Swedish nationalist Stefan Jacobsson in conversation with Nick Griffin at the Milan conference on December 20th.

Nick Griffin expelled from BNP – set to found new party

Nick Griffin has been expelled from the BNP and is planning to launch a new party.  H&D understands that Griffin is likely to take about a third of the BNP’s remaining activists with him into this new venture, and will retain his overseas alliances with some leaders of Hungary’s Jobbik, Golden Dawn in Greece and the Italian Forza Nuova.  A series of meetings will be held around the country to launch Griffin’s new venture: his North West followers have been invited to meet in Warrington next Wednesday, October 8th.

The original plan following a BNP internal coup on July 19th (when Griffin was replaced as chairman by his former crony Adam Walker) had been for the Griffinites to rally behind former Stoke councillor Michael Coleman, widely respected among ideological hardliners in the party.  Several London based activists had said they would stick with the BNP ‘brand name’ as it would take too long to build up another party.

Yet Griffin has now concluded that there is no chance of the current leadership clique allowing anything resembling a free and fair leadership election.  He has now acknowledged that Patrick Harrington is the brains behind the new leadership, as we reported last month.

The former chairman is calling on his supporters to cut off funding for the BNP and to change any wills previously made in the party’s favour.  In a significant victory for Harrington, Walker and the party treasurer Clive Jefferson, Griffin has apparently given up on several legacies already in the pipeline from deceased supporters.

However these legacies (and the BNP’s other remaining assets) are likely to be eaten up in legal expenses.  Griffin will not bring legal action to gain reinstatement in the BNP, as he believes his old party is now wrecked beyond repair.  In particular he believes that his own bankruptcy trustee (appointed when Griffin was bankrupted nine months ago due to non-payment of his own solicitors) will shortly proceed to seize BNP assets, a move which would sooner or later lead to an Official Receiver taking full control of the party.

These procedures are a consequence of the ruinous legal actions brought by Griffin when he was party chairman, especially a disastrous attempt in March 2008 to sue several former party officials who had split from Griffin in December 2007.  Griffin believes that the enormous costs from this and other failed legal actions should be met by the BNP – even if they were taken in his own name and in the name of his former right-hand man Simon Darby.

He argues (correctly according to H&D‘s legal advice) that the BNP constitution indemnifies him for these expenses.  So far his bankruptcy trustee has been busy seizing Griffin’s own earnings from the European Parliament, including the pay-off he was due after losing his seat in this year’s European election.  But it’s only a matter of time before the trustee moves on to seize BNP funds.  So far (according to Griffin) the new BNP leadership has simply refused to communicate with the trustee and has conjured up a fraudulent change to party rules, which they believe will allow them to hide assets.

In a recent letter to Adam Walker (later circulated to BNP officials) Griffin warned:

“Written by Pat Harrington, the main line of ‘defence’ on which you appear set to try to rely is that you have given yourself the purported power to declare that any chunk of ‘central funds’ aren’t ‘central funds’ at all.  Leaving aside the questions of probity such a declaration would raise, I can tell you that this clause is childish nonsense. The best that can be said for it is that the Trustee may be more amused than annoyed at such a pathetic attempt to block his enormous legal powers.”

The main question for Griffin and his followers is whether to attempt a BNP-style electoral party, or whether to go back to Griffin’s 1980s formula of a “cadre” based activism which ignores the ballot box.  If the former, any new party will have its work cut out to be ready for a credible campaign at next year’s general election.

UPDATE: Griffin’s former right-hand man Simon Darby, who had been suspiciously silent until now on the BNP’s internal crisis, has effectively come out in support of the new leadership and against his old friend Nick. Heritage and Destiny contributor E.N. Ronn gives his insights into the developing imbroglio in a new article at the Civil Liberty website.


E.N. Ronn on the BNP’s Vulture Fund

Heritage and Destiny correspondent E.N. Ronn has written a comprehensive analysis of the twice-bankrupted former BNP chairman Nick Griffin, and his latest contibution to nationalist factional strife.

This is now online at the Civil Liberty website.

Clive Jefferson on one of his many former court appearances. Once an acolyte of Nick Griffin, Jefferson has now switched sides and has become one of the main targets of Griffin’s factional attacks on the new BNP leadership.


Nick Griffin condemns BNP “dictatorship”: calls for leadership election

Former BNP chairman Nick Griffin has warned that the party is heading for disaster under the new leadership of Adam Walker, who succeeded him less than seven weeks ago.  In an interview with the long serving BNP radio host Lynne Mozar (click here to read full transcript) Griffin called for an Emergency General Meeting to “save the British National Party”.

“We don’t appear to have a leadership, we have a dictatorship,” Griffin complained.  “If you don’t agree, you don’t toe the line, you’re immediately out.”

“This really is a crisis which threatens the very existence of the British National Party, and certainly is destroying its claim to be a democratic party that listens to its members.”

“I don’t want the job of leader back, I think that what’s needed is an immediate leadership election where Adam Walker can stand if he wants.  But other people should throw their hats in the ring, and again let the members decide.”

Heritage and Destiny understands that former Stoke councillor Michael Coleman is preparing a leadership challenge, and is likely to be backed by many Griffinites as well as by ideological hardliners in the party, including many London-based activists.

Former Stoke councillor Michael Coleman is a likely challenger to Adam Walker for the BNP leadership after ex-chairman Nick Griffin denounced the “crisis” in the party.


New interview: Nick Griffin attacks BNP leadership

Tonight (September 12th) the latest BNP split escalated after an outspoken interview with former party leader Nick Griffin, broadcast on the Radio Britain station hosted by leading Griffinite Lynne Mozar.

Once regarded as a BNP star, Ms Mozar has been purged by the new party leadership, who will try to prevent members hearing the interview below.

Mozar: How did your very succinct and private report get out to the general public, and can you tell me your personal reaction on this?

Griffin: Yes Lynne.  I don’t know about succinct, because it’s a 36-page report, which as you know I sent to Adam Walker and all members of the Executive Council – and only the Executive Council – now some weeks ago in fact, saying to people this is an executive issue and it shouldn’t go any further than that.  And actually I’m pleased to say that there was enough discipline and it didn’t, for quite some considerable time.  It has now of course leaked into the public domain on Facebook and so on, which is regrettable in one way, that this should all have been dealt with by the governing body of the Party, which is the Executive Council.

Mozar: Immediately, at the time of course.

Griffin: At the time, or very promptly, a meeting should have been called.  Clearly, because there is a crisis, it’s blatantly obvious, and it was for the Executive – that’s the governing body of the Party, not the leader – and we should have had a meeting to thrash it all out and avoid this, where we are now.  Because that meeting was refused, I think it was inevitable that someone was going to lose patience and say: ‘Well then this has now got to be for the rank and file of the Party to decide because this is a crisis.’  I don’t know who leaked the report.  I think there is at least one person in the clique that has seized control who’s not just doing it for themselves, they’re actively out to cause trouble for some reason or another.  So the leak could have been from them.  It certainly wasn’t from me,  and I don’t know who leaked it.  However, it was certainly coming on for the time that this went wider, because you see when I said that this is for the Executive Council to decide, I was working on the basis of an Executive Council as constituted until recently, and without any intimidation or changes.  And as you know, that’s not now the case.

Mozar: No, that is true.  Which actually brings me on to my second question.  The various officials and members who have been, not sacked, but they’ve been removed from the Executive Council with obvious reasons in mind – what is your opinion on this as President of the Party?

Griffin: Well, I think that sacking is absolutely the right word for it.  Obviously there’s a growing wave of disciplinary actions and expulsions of various people.

Mozar: I know!

Griffin: And in terms of the sackings, of course you’re one of them.  It’s very significant that you’ve been replaced without warning as South West Regional Organiser, even though you were I believe aiming to hand over…

Mozar: Yes, I had an arrangement with Clifford Jones to actually hand over in January, which was between him and me.

Griffin:  Yes, but of course being removed now means that even if we get this promised Executive Council meeting…

Mozar:  I can’t sit on it.

Griffin: …some time in November, you can’t sit on it and neither can Chris Thornton, who very significantly is the North East Regional Organiser, appalled by what’s been going on, and has been removed for no good reason whatsoever.   And so straightaway you’ve got people being removed who happen to be the people who said: ‘Look, we need an EC and failing that (or as well as that) we need an Emergency General Meeting to let the members decide.’  And we don’t appear to have a leadership, we have a dictatorship.  If you don’t agree, you don’t toe the line, you’re immediately out.  And on top of that, we now know that they are not only refusing an Executive Council meeting, they’ve also said that there’s no chance, people can jump up and down all they like – the members, the people who pay their wages can jump up and down all they like, we’re not getting an EGM until some time in November.  And they haven’t even fixed a date for it yet.

Mozar:  No.  And apart from that I was actually speaking to Adam the week before, he rang me up and asked me when I was going to hand over, and I said January and he didn’t say a word.  He just said thanks and goodbye, sort of thing.  And the next thing I knew, I got a registered letter.  It wouldn’t have hurt him – manners actually – to say: ‘I’d rather bring the date forward.’  I would have said fine, yes, I couldn’t stop it.  But it was a done deal, and of course now he’s also appointed a regional chairman for the South West, which is unheard of because they do have to be elected.

Griffin:  Yes, indeed, all sorts of things are going on.  In terms of decency and common sense, how long have you been doing The World at 8?  I know you’ve got a very loyal and enthusiastic listenership of hundreds every single time – how long have you been doing that for, then?

Mozar:  I’ve been doing that for six and a half years.

Griffin:  Six and a half years: it’s three times a week, isn’t it?

Mozar:  Yes.

Griffin:  Three times a week, virtually without break for six and a half years.  Well, I think that says it all.  My guess is this will be the last one, and as you know we discussed what we should say here, and decided that this is not the place to wash the dirty linen in public.  There are plenty of problems that need dealing with, but it’s not for the public to listen into.  I’m doing this – we’re having this discussion – for the members, the activists, the officials to understand that this really is a crisis which threatens the very existence of the British National Party, and certainly is destroying its claim to be a democratic party that listens to its members and so on.  And the only way now to address this isn’t to get out and, he said / she said, all over the internet and so on, but is simply to say: we have to have an EGM, so people can say what’s being said, so people can be told what the score is, and so that the members – the people who actually make the Party tick and pay for it to exist and progress – the members decide where we go from here.  I don’t want the job of leader back, I think that what’s needed is an immediate leadership election where Adam Walker can stand if he wants.  But other people should throw their hats in the ring, and again let the members decide.  And if they’re happy when they see what – and it’s not really Adam Walker, it’s the people running the show – when they actually see what they’ve done, if they’re happy with that, with them axeing people right, left and centre; reducing the website to a shadow of its former self; among other things – if they’re happy with that, then let them elect Adam Walker.  But if they’re not happy, elect somebody else, and that will be my recommendation.

Mozar:  Well, I think the recommendation is actually very sound, and I think to have an EGM would be a far better move than having an EC.  Mainly because the EGM as you say includes all the voting members, the people that pay these people’s wages.  And in fact it does no good to really decimate the Executive Council if the idea is to make it a roomful of puppets, because it isn’t the way to run a political party.  It isn’t the way to run a corporation, let alone a political party.

Griffin:  Indeed not.  I can’t stress to people …we wouldn’t have done this, it’s going to cause enormous problems in the Party, this conversation will be picked up probably by people who wish the Party no good at all, but it has to be said – because as it is the Party is on a collision course, a crash course for total disaster.  And the only thing that can turn it around is if there’s an EGM where it’s thrashed out and the members decide.  And at that point some people, one side or the other won’t be happy but they will have to be bound by the constitution.  And providing there’s a free and fair discussion and then very promptly an election, then the losing side will have to – and certainly should, and everyone will know that it should – simply get on with it and accept the wishes of the majority of the Party.  But at present we’re not even being allowed that.  There’s this little group in charge, saying people can jump up and down all they like, we’re not going to do anything.  Meanwhile things go from bad to worse.

Mozar:  No to wind up, Nick, this very short but very succinct report, what final words to you have to say before we go off air?

Griffin:  Well, Lynne, I’m aware and you’re aware and all our people will know just how many, a huge number of people, within the party over years have sacrificed so much for the British National Party and for our cause.  You know, it’s not just money and it’s not just time.  People have had their windows put through by the far left, they’ve had their cars attacked, they’ve had their kids bullied at school.  People have been to hell and back.  People have been divorced because of their love for our Party and our cause, for their commitment to carrying it forward.  We can’t let that go.  We can’t go off and form something new.  We have to do everything we possibly can, using the constitution to save the British National Party and get it back on track.  And I’m not asking people even to make decisions on my report, although I know plenty of people are reading it, or what other people say about it.  I’m simply asking them to accept the blatantly obvious fact that there’s a crisis in the Party, and the only way to sort it out now is to have a really urgent, rapid Emergency General Meeting and let the members decide – and save the British National Party.

Mozar:  That’s right.  Thank you very, very, very much, Nick, and do have a good break wherever you’re going and a good flight.

Griffin:  I’m not on a break, Lynne, and I’m off on a nationalist conference.  There’s different levels to this: I know that a lot of people are going up to Rotherham on Saturday for the latest protest to keep up the pressure to sack the Labour creep who oversaw the institutionalised turning of a blind eye to the abuse of hundreds of our girls.  Rotherham is not the only place: it’s gone on in every single country, every single town and city in Britain with a population of those people.  People shouldn’t take their eye off the ball.  Whatever you think of what’s going on at present, get up to Rotherham and get active, get there and spread the word – because in the end the petty ins and outs of nationalist politics are nothing like as important as the cause and the thing for which we fight, which in Rotherham this coming weekend is justice for those kids and justice for their families, to make sure it’s stopped and doesn’t happen again.

Mozar:  Lovely.  Thank you very, very, very much, Nick, and good luck.

Griffin:  Thank you, Lynne, bye.



BNP Purge of Griffinites Begins

The new BNP power axis (left to right): Adam Walker, who has succeeded Nick Griffin as party chairman; Patrick Harrington, veteran political schemer aiming to survive as brains behind the new regime; Mark Walker, the new chairman’s brother.

All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword (Matthew 26:52)

LATEST UPDATE: Click here for full text of Nick Griffin’s circular to BNP Executive Council

As reported in the current edition of Heritage and Destiny, Nick Griffin was ousted as chairman of the British National Party in a brutal coup at a meeting of the party’s national executive on 19th July.  It took only a month for a purge of his remaining followers to begin, following the pattern which Griffin himself established more than a decade ago when he similarly purged supporters of his predecessor, BNP founder John Tyndall – eventually proscribing JT from his own party!

Nick Griffin’s son-in-law Angus Matthys is the latest to be struck down by the terrible swift sword of BNP factionalism.  On 20th August he received this peremptory summons from newly appointed BNP staff manager Frank Hogarth, no doubt acting on the orders of new party chairman Adam Walker.  Some detect the hand of Walker’s éminence grise – Nick Griffin’s former friend, turned enemy, turned friend, now perhaps turned enemy again – Patrick Harrington.

Dear Angus,

I am writing to clarify your employment position with us. We have been contacted with information that you are working for another employer. Please clarify when this employment began and what your contractual hours are with this employer. If you wish to resign your employment with us please notify of this in writing.

If you intend to continue working for us I have to tell you that we will be taking action against you for misconduct.

It is with regret that I have to notify you that there are serious allegations of misconduct against you which may constitute gross misconduct. 

These include:

  1. Theft or fraud – Here we would refer you to the setting up and payment of Direct Debits without the specific authority of the Treasurer, and in respect of the payment to British Gas of £ 596.30 not responding to our emails requesting details of the payment. Whilst not in itself a “Theft or fraud” it is a fundemental [sic] breach of trust in operation of the financial affairs of the Party, which could leave us open to an accusation of misuse of Party funds.
  2. Serious misuse of an organisation’s property – I would refer you to the issue of the Van, which you have in your possession, and your failure to respond to my email asking for the return. However more seriously you did not consider the fact that the Party might require the use of that vehicle, and have made no attempt to return it, until recently.
  3. Serious insubordination – Whilst various attempts have been made to engage you in correspondence or meetings, for example I would refer you to my email of 25th July, you have refused to co-operate, and have carried out no work for the Party since 24th July.

I would like to invite you to an investigatory meeting at my home on 29th August, 2014.  You may bring a work colleague or Trade Union representative with you. You will be given a copy of the minutes of that meeting and my conclusions. 

Yours faithfully

Frank Hogarth, Staff Manager

Further developments in the death of the BNP are expected soon.  What was once Britain’s best hope is now no longer a political party, but a business processing legacies from those misguided enough to leave bequests to the BNP in their will.


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