National Front march in Grantham despite ‘antifascist’ violence

The National Front held a successful march in Grantham, Lincolnshire, on Saturday despite an attempt by violent ‘antifascists’ to attack the event.

Reports and photographs have appeared in many national newspapers, including The Sun and The Times, as well as on the BBC and in local Lincolnshire media.

Several well-known nationalists attended the event, including NF chairman Kevin Bryan and Directorate members Richard Edmonds, Tony Martin and Kevin Layzell.

Click here to view a report from the National Front’s media team.

Police join Antifa violence against Alt Right, ending U.S. tradition of free speech

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Lewisham, on 13th August 1977, when 4,000 ‘anti-fascists’ (including many who had come equipped for a riot) fought police and National Front members in southeast London, attempting to prevent a lawful NF march.

The ensuing rioting saw the first ever use of police riot shields on the UK mainland. (Today’s edition of the left-liberal Observer newspaper has an anniversary feature, effectively celebrating the criminality of the far left.)

John Tyndall later wrote of Lewisham, and the tradition of extreme anti-fascist violence (tolerated by the state) which it spawned:
“It was noticeable that in the news media reporting of these clashes there was very seldom any honesty employed in directing the blame. The violence was wholly due to unlawful attempts by left-wing rowdies to stop perfectly lawful public demonstrations, but from the media’s treatment of the issue the public might have received the impression that the NF was at least half responsible, if not more so.”

In those days the USA (though in many ways already suffering from even worse racial problems) was seen as a haven of constitutionally protected free speech.

Four decades on, ‘anti-fascist’ violence has come to the USA, and this time the hypocrisy of the state is even more evident.

While police in Lewisham 40 years ago did at least try to enforce the law, this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, police actively collaborated with anti-fascists and helped them to target lawful White Nationalist demonstrators, including David Duke and Richard Spencer.

Americans can no longer be in any doubt that their entire heritage – constitutional and racial – is at stake.

London Forum and Antifa Lies

Earlier today Jez Turner’s London Forum held another successful event at a South Kensington hotel.

Many lies are circulating on “anti-fascist” Twitter and Facebook sites about their supposed success in closing down this gathering.  Several “anti-fascists” have displayed almost unbelievable ignorance in stating this was a “Britain First” event, which could hardly be further from the truth!

Antifa claimed at various stages during the afternoon to have close down the meeting, or to have blocked speakers from attending.  In fact the event continued until its scheduled closing time and no speaker was blocked: the truth is that even H&D‘s assistant editor walked through Antifa thugs into the venue, after a brief delay at the hotel doors when he was able to eat his sandwiches and drink his coffee while being screamed at by a brave mob of 40 “anti-fascists”.

More news to follow: numerous photos of unmasked Antifa are being assessed.

Antifascists suffer heavy casualties in failed attack on South West Forum

Violent ‘antifascists’ were “left running bruised and battered from the venue with their tails between their legs” after they attacked a meeting of the South West Forum at a venue near Bristol yesterday.

Max Musson at the Western Spring website has a full report.

Meeting organiser Julie Lake was punched during the attack, which began with a hail of rocks smashing through the venue’s windows as the first speaker Kevin Layzell was beginning his address to the Forum – but on trying to storm the meeting the reds were beaten off by members of the audience and suffered several nasty injuries.

This humiliating ‘antifascist’ defeat is likely to lead to a tactical rethink as the reds retire to lick their wounds.

Historical research criminalised: Paris court convicts Prof. Robert Faurisson

Prof. Robert Faurisson with Lady Renouf at the Tehran Conference in 2006, where his speech became the focus of several criminal trials in Paris. The most recent conviction was in September 2016.

Prof. Robert Faurisson with Lady Renouf at the Tehran Conference in 2006, where his speech became the focus of several criminal trials in Paris. The most recent conviction was in September 2016.

A Paris court on Tuesday this week gave Prof. Robert Faurisson – an 87-year-old half-French, half Scot who was Professor of French Literature at the University of Lyon – a four-month suspended jail sentence and a €4,000 fine. Judgement on a further charge will be given later this week.

The circumstances of Prof. Faurisson’s trial were explained at a meeting of the London Forum in July 2016 by Lady Michèle Renouf, who was the sole defence witness alongside Prof. Faurisson at his Paris trial.

In September 2016 Prof. Faurisson was convicted under the French “racial hatred” law for the 60-word sentence translated below: the Paris court taking the extraordinary view that his reference to “the State of Israel and international Zionism” amounted to an illegal attack on Jews as a “race”.

For this “offence” Prof. Faurisson received a 4 month suspended prison sentence and a fine of €4,000. He was ordered in addition to pay €5,000 in compensation and costs to LICRA, a French association combatting “racism and anti-semitism”.

Two additional charges under the French “Gayssot Act” prohibiting “Holocaust denial”, which related specifically to Prof. Faurisson’s Tehran conference speech, were set aside.

Prof. Faurisson immediately announced his intention to appeal against this latest conviction: an appeal which is of the highest importance for historical and political researchers worldwide, and in particular for anyone campaigning against the policies of the Israeli Government. It would seem that the latest judgement opens the way for any robust criticism of Israel to be criminalised in France as anti-Jewish “racial hatred”, even if neither Jews nor Judaism have been mentioned!

Further reports and analysis of this case will appear in the next edition of Heritage and Destiny.

An earlier interview with Prof. Robert Faurisson can be seen below (including English subtitles), in which he explains the background to his famous 60-word French sentence summarising his research conclusions. Prof. Faurisson’s words (again criminalised by the Paris court this week), read in English:
“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety.”

Veteran anti-fascist drug dealer jailed

Manny Carpel: anti-fascist militant jailed for his role in top gangster's drug deal

Manny Carpel: anti-fascist militant jailed for his role in top gangster’s drug deal

Manny Carpel is a name well-known to many H&D readers.  In November 1963 he was one of a team of “anti-fascist” Jews who tricked their way into the flat of historian David Irving, aiming to steal documents. Then 20-year-old Carpel was ultimately fined £20.  He told the court that he and fellow accused Gerry Gable (now editor of Searchlight) had been looking for “secret documents” in Irving’s possession, and added that “we are anti-fascists but not members of any movement”.

In fact Gable and Carpel were operatives of the 62 Group, an alliance of Zionist Jews and violent communists. In charge of fundraising for the 62 Group was Gerald Ronson, who later founded the Zionist lobby group Community Security Trust.

In 1980 Carpel carried out an arson attack at the Uckfield printworks run by the late Tony Hancock.

Now in his 70s, Carpel has yet to retire from his life of crime.  Earlier this year he was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for his role in a major drug conspiracy, targeted by the South West regional organised crime unit.

Police move in to arrest Carpel and fellow members of a drug gang run by Britain's number one crime family

Police move in to arrest Carpel and fellow members of a drug gang run by Britain’s number one crime family

During this police operation, drugs (cannabis, heroin and amphetamines) and various paraphernalia, including weighing scales and gloves were seized.

In charge of the conspiracy was Bekir Arif, a member of Britain’s leading crime family.


Militant anti-fascist selected for GLA seat

(left to right) Unmesh Desai, Labour candidate for City & East at this year's GLA election; Sadiq Khan, Labour candidate for Mayor of London; John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets; and Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham.

(left to right) Unmesh Desai, anti-fascist street fighter turned GLA candidate; Sadiq Khan, Labour candidate for Mayor of London; John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets; and Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham.

Militant anti-fascist Unmesh Desai will be Labour candidate for the Greater London Assembly this year in the City & East constituency, which includes former BNP strongholds of Barking & Dagenham, Newham, and Tower Hamlets as well as the City of London.

He replaces John Biggs, who has represented the constituency since the GLA was created but was last year elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets following a bitter struggle with independent Muslim powerbroker Lutfur Rahman.

In recent years Unmesh Desai has been a classic Labour Party careerist, and has strongly endorsed the British establishment’s ‘Prevent’ strategy against Islamist extremism.

But nationalists will remember his younger days as a notoriously hardline anti-fascist.  He was part of a faction known as the ‘squaddists’ who were expelled from the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party for advocating violence against the NF, BNP and other nationalists.

During the 1980s he worked with fellow ‘squaddists’ in Red Action and Anti-Fascist Action, then co-founded the Newham Monitoring Project, a group of Asian ‘anti-racist’ activists who for years were closely associated with Searchlight.

(Several H&D features over the years have detailed the violent history of these organisations.)

Eventually Desai became a Labour councillor in Newham and is now very much part of the mainstream Labour establishment.

It remains to be seen what the many devout Muslim voters in Tower Hamlets will make of Desai, who is from a Hindu Indian background and once stated: “Searchlight is my bible”.


Anti-fascist gangster pervert jailed

Dominic Noonan after his release in 2014. Several cases against the "anti-fascist" gang boss collapsed, but he is now back behind bars.

Dominic Noonan after his release in 2014. Several cases against the “anti-fascist” gang boss collapsed, but he is now back behind bars.

One of Britain’s most notorious gangsters, who was in the vanguard of violent “anti-fascism”, is beginning an 11-year prison sentence for a series of crimes linked to his organised crime empire.  Dominic Noonan (who now spells his name “Domenyk”) presided over a reign of terror in the Manchester and Salford area. He was also convicted of “attempting to pervert the course of justice” after paying the parents of a young boy so that he would not give evidence about Noonan’s alleged sexual offences.

Noonan and his late brother – gangland assassin Dessie Noonan – had close ties to Irish republican terrorists and related “anti-fascist” activity in North West England which was at its peak in the 1990s. Dessie Noonan was killed by a black drug dealer in 2005.

Dominic Noonan – a well-known homosexual – surrounded himself with a coterie of teenage boys, and organised them in an orgy of rioting across Manchester following the death of Dessie’s nephew, black gangster Mark Duggan, in a controversial shooting by London police in 2011.

Heritage and Destiny readers will be familiar with the entire Noonan saga. We are only now able to report Dominic Noonan’s prison sentence – though he was jailed in September last year – because of a contempt of court order restricting reporting until a related case had concluded. Last year Dominic Noonan came to attention after the murder of another local gang boss Paul Massey, who shortly before his death had posted allegations online against Noonan. Massey had also been on the far left, but in the last year of his life had been a UKIP supporter.

Dominic Noonan leading mourners at the 2005 funeral of his brother, gangland assassin Dessie Noonan

Last week Noonan received a further two year sentence for perverting the course of justice, though he was acquitted of “engaging in a sex act in front of a minor”. Last September he was given a nine-year sentence for offences including blackmail and arson.

In 2004 Dominic Noonan was jailed for 9½ years for possession of a firearm: he was released in 2010 but briefly recalled to prison in 2011 for his role in that year’s riots.

While highlighting cases of hooliganism among their opponents (less among genuine nationalists than among the Islam-obsessed EDL and allied groups) “anti-fascists” are not keen to highlight their own close connections with notorious figures in Greater Manchester organised crime.  Coincidentally (or perhaps not) while the EDL gangsters and hooligans tend to support Manchester City (despite the club’s ownership by the Muslim ruling family of Abu Dhabi!), their “anti-fascist” opponents tend to be linked to the rival club Manchester United, and even produced an “anti-fascist” football fanzine, Red Attitude.


An interview with Salford gangland assassin Dessie Noonan published in the “anti-fascist” magazine Red Attitude in 1997.
Click on the images to download a larger version.


The most notorious “anti-fascist” gangsters in Greater Manchester were Salford’s Dessie Noonan, responsible for more than twenty gangland killings before his own murder in March 2005, and Manchester’s Paddy Logan, who like Noonan was involved with both Anti-Fascist Action and various Irish republican terrorist gangs before falling victim to an internal criminal feud, shot dead in his own bedroom in July 1999.


Key players in Manchester’s alliance between gangsters, IRA activists and “anti-fascists”. “DC” is Denis Clifford, activist in Red Action and Anti-Fascist Action, whose own brother was a member of the nationalist British Movement jailed for murder; “DN” is Dessie Noonan, the North West’s most feared gangland assassin; “ST” is Steve Tilzey, the most active Searchlight and AFA operative in the north of England, once jailed for kidnapping. This photo was taken in Manchester at the pro-IRA Manchester Martyrs march, also featuring local gangster and IRA supporter Paddy Logan.

Sadly however nationalists must admit that criminality and perversion are not unknown in our own ranks. Ironically in the same week as the latest Noonan case, former BNP activist Ian Hindle was convicted of a second sexual offence in the past few years.

Ian Hindle’s first conviction for sex offences was in 2008, when he was given a three-year sentence for offences involving 14-year-old girls.  Also sentenced in this 2008 case was Hindle’s fellow BNP activist Andrew Wells, who was then a well-known organised crime figure in the Blackburn area. Perhaps the most serious aspect of this case is that Wells was also involved in recruiting (among both nationalists and criminals) for a security company employed by NATO forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Maoist cult leader jailed for 23 years

Aravindan Balakrishnan - 'Comrade Bala' - now jailed for sex offences, was leader of a violent Maoist 'anti-fascist' commune

Aravindan Balakrishnan – ‘Comrade Bala’ – now jailed for sex offences, was leader of a violent Maoist ‘anti-fascist’ commune

Aravindan Balakrishnan – the Maoist cult leader known as ‘Comrade Bala’ – has been jailed for 23 years at Southwark Crown Court in London, after he was found guilty of a string of sexual assaults against his followers and having kept his own daughter a prisoner for thirty years.

After first reports that a woman had escaped from a cult-like group in 2013, Heritage and Destiny exclusively revealed the name of the Maoist sect involved and gave some of its background.

Comrade Bala led a commune in Brixton known as the Workers’ Institute, which broke away from a larger Maoist outfit – the Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist) in 1974.  While still in the CPE (M-L) Balakrishnan and his followers carried out a violent “anti-fascist” attack on Prof. Hans Eysenck at the London School of Economics in May 1973.  Eysenck was hated by the left because of his research on race and intelligence.

“Comrade Bala” and his fellow hoodlums pulled Prof. Eysenck to the floor, where he was punched, kicked and spat upon.  He was left with broken spectacles and cuts to his face, and was later treated at the Maudsley Hospital, Denmark Hill.

The Maoist gang, who included several bused in from Birmingham, went on to attack some of their fellow leftists. One of the leaders of the Birmingham gang was Paul Rowe. Another was Sian Davies, who became the mother of Comrade Bala’s child. It was the child (now known as Katy Morgan-Davies) who was effectively kept as a prisoner by her father Comrade Bala for three decades. Her mother died after a mysterious fall from a window at the commune on Christmas Eve in 1996.

Katy Morgan-Davies escaped from the cult in 2013, triggering a long-overdue official investigation which has now ended in Comrade Bala’s imprisonment.

Eminent scientist Prof. hans Eysenck was  viciously attacked by Comrade Bala's gang in 1973. he was targeted by the "anti-fascists" because of his work on race and intelligence.

Eminent scientist Prof. Hans Eysenck was viciously attacked by Comrade Bala’s gang in 1973. he was targeted by the “anti-fascists” because of his work on race and intelligence.

The CPE (M-L) – both during Balakrishnan’s involvement and after the 1974 split – did not confine its violent proclivities to punching middle-aged academics.  In July 1975 they were exposed by the Ulster loyalist journal Combat as the “most violent Communist organisation in the UK”. In March of that year members of the Ulster Volunteer Force had discovered letters from Paul Rowe and other members of the group to Michael Adamson, a terrorist from the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), whom they had just shot dead at his home in Clifton Road, North Belfast.

Ironically Adamson had been identified following a tip-off from his former comrades in the so-called “Official IRA” after a split in the Marxist wing of Irish republicanism the previous year. The INLA and its political wing (the Irish Republican Socialist Party) went on to develop very close ties to violent “anti-fascists” in England and Scotland, which have been documented in several Heritage and Destiny articles.

All of this goes to show that Balakrishnan and his ilk should have been very well known to the British authorities. So if the latest police charges concerning “slavery” prove accurate, why was he allowed to get away with it for so long? Did it suit the British state to indulge violent “anti-fascists” with Irish republican links?

And why on earth was Balakrishnan effectively subsidised for so long by the hard-pressed ratepayers of Lambeth?

Of course the Comrade Bala saga has developed into a serious embarrassment for the far left. The Maoist faction from which he broke away was part of an international tendency founded in Canada by the Indian student activist Hardial Bains. Its best known British activist was the avant-garde composer Cornelius Cardew, who again died mysteriously in an unsolved hit-and-run car accident in 1981. Following multiple splits, the surviving members of this Maoist tendency now run the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), based at a bookshop in Lambeth, which currently promotes the bizarre communist dictatorship in North Korea. On February 13th the bookshop will host a ‘Friends of Korea’ evening, to be addressed by the North Korean Ambassador. Will anyone with memories of the ’70s spare a thought for ex-Comrade Bala or his victims?

The Maoist party from which Comrade Bala's sect split in the 1970s now operates this bookshop in Lambeth

The Maoist party from which Comrade Bala’s sect split in the 1970s now operates this bookshop in Lambeth

Leading Zionist appointed Minister for Syrian Refugees

Richard Harrington – Britain's new minister for Syrian refugees

Richard Harrington – Britain’s new minister for Syrian refugees

The increasingly shameless David Cameron today appointed a new Home Office minister for Syrian refugees.  His choice was Richard Harrington, a Jewish property developer who served for many years as chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Harrington was one of the speakers at the funeral of Cyril Paskin, notorious as “field commander” of the ultra-violent 62 Group, an alliance of militant Jews and communists whose raison d’etre was to attack nationalist meetings.

Alongside prominent Blairite financier Sir David Garrard, Harrington was a trustee of Paskin’s charity the Philip Green Memorial Trust, which gave regular donations to the ‘anti-fascist’ journal Searchlight.

Searchlight editor Gerry Gable was a colleague of Paskin in the 62 Group, and spoke alongside Harrington at Paskin’s funeral.

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