Gangster president declares war on Iran

Donald Trump with IRA terrorist godfather Gerry Adams. Trump now seeks to emulate his old friend’s record of brutal and shameless murder.

Gangster president Donald Trump has this morning effectively declared war on Iran by ordering the murder of Maj. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, the most significant state-sponsored assassination since Czech SOE agents killed Reinhard Heydrich in 1942 – and the most significant such assassination ever to take place outside wartime.

It is immaterial whether Trump’s action was dictated by his slavish devotion to the State of Israel, or was partly inspired by the need to distract attention from his own impeachment for criminal misdeeds.

During his election campaign four years ago, Trump gave American voters the impression that he would end the era of US entanglement in foreign conflicts. Instead he has today embroiled the US in what will be a far more serious conflict than the Iraq and Afghan wars combined.

The US now stands alone, without its NATO allies, as even the British Foreign Office rushes to distance itself from the White House Godfather.  The only cheers have come from Trump’s fellow crook Benjamin Netanyahu and the neocon cabal whose influence Trump once promised to end, but who now enjoy more control over US foreign policy than under Reagan, Clinton, or Bush.

Donald Trump’s political tutor was mafia lawyer Roy Cohn, seen here with (left to right) Donald Trump, nightclub owner and crook Steve Rubell, and Trump’s first wife Ivana.

Honouring the Fallen


For almost a century – since the first Armistice Day in November 1919 – Britons have paid tribute at this time of year to those of our race who died in the catastrophic wars of the twentieth century, and now the further disastrous conflicts of the twenty-first.

This year, for the first time, our remembrance is accompanied not merely by despair at the continuing folly and treachery of our political leaders, but by genuine hope of national, cultural and racial renaissance.

So this year the famous words inscribed on war memorials across our land (originally at the imperial war cemetery in Kohima) have a special resonance:

When you go home, tell them of us and say
For their tomorrow, we gave our today.

For the first time, that tomorrow holds out the promise not of continued degradation, not of further pointless sacrifice, but of a bright new dawn for the White world.


Lee Rigby Memorial Walks

On Saturday 24th May two memorial walks took place for Lee Rigby, a British Army soldier of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, who a year ago was attacked and killed by two African Muslims in a south London street.

This was a racial attack – as well as a political and religious attack – make no bones about it. Lee was killed pure and simply for being a White British squadie.

While others may forget very quickly, British Loyalists and English Patriots don’t and two memorial walks – one in the centre of Manchester – near to where Lee was born and lived – and the other in Woolwich south London – where Lee was stationed and sadly killed.

H&D editor Mark Cotterill attended the Manchester walk, which was led by the Bolton Caledonian Pipe band. Mark and 300 other Patriots from many different groups including, BNP, UKIP, BM, NWI, EDL, CXF EDL and EBF gathered in Piccadilly Gardens – right in the heart city centre – and marched through the busy shopping centre to the cenotaph near Manchester Cathedral. At the cenotaph a short service was held, poems read and flowers were laid in Lee’s memory. A minutes silence was held, not just for Lee, but for all British soldiers, who have lost their lives in service to their country. Special mention was made of those brave lads who fought in World War I as we are approaching the 100th anniversary of The Great War.

Even though the rain poured down all day, in typical Manchester fashion, and most got drenched (including H&D’s editor!) spirits were high amongst the 300 Patriots – including many women and children, and we would not have wished to be anywhere else that day, but in Manchester – remembering Lee Rigby, one of our own – a Lancashire Lad from Middleton, a true Son of St. George.

At the same time, down in Woolwich, South London, over 1,500 Patriots marched behind the Pride of the Somme Flute band from Liverpool through the streets of our capital city and close to the spot where Lee was attacked and killed by African Muslims.

Thankfully our comrades in London had better weather than we did in the north, and also had a much better turnout. It was great to see Patriots from many different groups and parties putting aside petty differences for one day, and joining as one, in Lee’s memory. It was also good to see many football lads from Chelsea, Millwall, Tottenham, Arsenal and Charlton, coming together and marching united as Englishmen.

H&D’s editor in the Manchester rain

Far left-wing, communist and anarchist groups had threatened to turn up and attack both memorial walks, but had a late change of mind and in the end kept well away from both.

In the case of Manchester, if the commies had turned up, they may have got their first decent wash of the year!And in London the sight of over 200 Chelsea and Millwall lads at London Bridge station, making their way to the walk’s formation point at Woolwich, had the anarchists almost falling over themselves to get back on the trains to their parents’ houses in Hampstead and Kensington!

* – Last Thursday, 22nd May, the anniversary of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, Tess Culnane and Richard Edmunds made a short film in tribute to the slain soldier. Here it is :

Murdered Lee Rigby: a sacrificial victim of treacherous governments

Tributes at Lee Rigby’s family home in Middleton, Lancashire


The brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on 22nd May 2013 stands as a tragic indictment of successive British governments that have betrayed our people at home and abroad.

25 year old Drummer Rigby, of the 2nd battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was originally from the Langley estate in Middleton, Lancashire, an area that has suffered more than most from the collapse of British manufacturing industry – and from the consequent spirals of depression, drug addiction and crime.

Lee Rigby rose above all of these local crises and aimed to serve his country: unfortunately his patriotism (as with so many other dedicated servicemen) was systematically abused by treacherous governments.

The prime suspects in Lee Rigby’s murder in broad daylight on the streets of London (film of which appeared online) are two Nigerians, one of them born in the UK, the other an immigrant.  Both had attended the University of Greenwich, and were converts from Christianity to Islam.  One of the suspects, Michael Olumide Adebolajo, was detained in Kenya two years ago, suspected of being en route to Somalia to fight with the paramilitary force Al-Shabaab.  MI5 is reported to have tried to recruit him to inform on fellow militants, two years before the Rigby murder.

The suspects are in several respects on the margins of the UK’s Muslim community: as converts; as Nigerians; and as members of a fringe sect that recruits alienated youth, rather than any of the versions of Islam with longstanding communal bases.

The political roots of Lee Rigby’s murder lie in decisions by successive governments who have transformed London into a multiracial chaos, compounded by more recent British leaders who have embroiled our armed forces in conflicts that have no connections to British national interests, but serve the ends of alien forces exerting disproportionate influence on our politicians.

It is therefore especially nauseating to see the English Defence League seeking political capital from Lee Rigby’s murder, since the EDL endorses the multiracialism that brought his killers to London, and also embraces the aggressive Zionist imperialism that dragged British forces into increasingly unwinnable and dishonourable conflicts.

The proper role for nationalists in response to this horrific murder is firstly to send our respectful sympathy to Drummer Rigby’s family; and secondly to renew our commitment to a transformation of British politics.


Ralph Hebden – Friend and Comrade – R.I.P.

Ralph Hebden – brave patriot, nationalist activist, Heritage and Destiny contributor and Royal Marine Commando – has died near his base in Arbroath at the tragically young age of 32.

Ralph Hebden (second from right) presented with his prize at the John Tyndall Memorial, October 2012, in Preston

Last seen alive early on the morning of 11th March, Ralph had been heading out for his regular morning run near the Arbroath cliffs.  His body was recovered from the sea three weeks later, a few miles further up the coast at Carlingheugh Bay.

Extensive land, air and sea searches had taken place in recent weeks, and several nationalist activists in Scotland had been interrogated by police, who seemed to be under the impression that Ralph’s disappearance had something to do with his politics.

Royal Marine Commando Ralph Hebden

Ralph married fellow Liverpudlian Sarah last year, and was looking forward to becoming a father for the first time.  His daughter was born four days after his disappearance.

Serving with the elite 45 Commando, based at RM Condor near Arbroath, Ralph completed several tours of duty in Afghanistan and was drafted in to assist with anti-terrorist security operations for the London Olympics last year.

Ralph’s unit were long-term specialists in Arctic and mountain warfare, but found themselves deployed in very different mountain operations against the Taleban, as well as peacekeeping in Helmand province.

Ralph was accustomed to dangerous winter conditions, but died in exceptionally bitter weather on the Scottish coast.

As a lifelong nationalist activist, Ralph was very well aware of the political abuse of our armed forces in operations that have nothing to do with protecting Britain.  Nevertheless he did his duty and had an outstanding military record.

The same spirit of loyalty was evident in Ralph’s relations with fellow nationalist comrades, and he remained immune from the factional backbiting that characterises so much of our movement.  Even when he was targeted for abuse by a former Nick Griffin bodyguard, Ralph refused to respond in kind.

I have known Ralph since the late 1990s, when he attended BNP meetings across Lancashire, including one event in Todmorden that was attacked by “anti-fascists”.  Ralph became a regular at the monthly meetings I addressed in central Manchester until 2002, and in 1999 he accompanied Nick Griffin and myself as personal security inside the European election count at St George’s Hall, Liverpool.

Ralph leafletting for the BNP in Liverpool

After I split from Griffin in 2002, Ralph became an important contact for Heritage and Destiny inside the North West BNP, building bridges between various factions and regularly attending H&D events, including all three John Tyndall Memorial events in Preston, Lancashire.

Frequently travelling through Preston on his way between the Arbroath base and his family home in Liverpool, Ralph would stop off for a drink with the H&D team, and last year he and his future wife Sarah were our hosts in Liverpool – even though my team Oldham were playing against their team Liverpool at Anfield!

Following the death last year of his comrade and mentor John Fearns, ex-organiser of Liverpool BNP, Ralph was the author of an obituary published in H&D.

When Ralph told me last October that he was about to become a father as well as a stepfather, I could see how happy he was to be starting a family.  Heritage and Destiny sends deepest sympathy to Sarah, her new born daughter, and all of Ralph’s family, friends and comrades at this tragic time.

Ralph Hebden’s funeral will take place in Liverpool on 24th April.

A PayPal account has been opened up to raise some funds for Ralphs wife Sarah and daughter Evie.

Please donate – as a personal gift to –

An appeal broadcast at Everton FC’s Goodison Park during the police search for Ralph

Afghanistan’s turning point: bring our troops home now


This morning (Sunday 15th April) there seems to be a coordinated attack by Taliban forces on targets in the Afghan capital Kabul, including the U.S. Embassy.

No doubt eventually these attacks will be repulsed, but nevertheless this is a significant turning point that prompts an obvious historical comparison.

In January 1968 (during the traditional Lunar New Year celebration known as Tet) Viet Cong insurgents backed by communist North Vietnam launched an offensive against South Vietnamese and American forces.  This went down in history as the Tet Offensive.

Major targets of the Tet Offensive included the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, the South Vietnamese presidential palace and the radio station.  Eventually the communist forces were beaten back with heavy casualties.  But this wasn’t the point.

The point was that while the American public were being told that the insurgents were being defeated and the situation was coming under control, the Tet Offensive proved that in fact the Viet Cong had the ability to strike even high profile targets in the capital.

It should then have become obvious that the Vietnam War was unwinnable, in that the Viet Cong could only be held at bay by continuing, indefinite commitment of U.S. troops.

So it is today in Afghanistan.  British and American forces are not going to be defeated in a conventional military sense.  But they aren’t going to defeat the Taliban either.

Today’s offensive should be recognised as the Afghan Tet.

Tragically the lesson wasn’t learned in 1968, and the Vietnam War continued until the ignominious American withdrawal in 1975.

Are our rulers going to wait another seven years, with countless further casualties, before a similar withdrawal from Afghanistan?  There is an alternative.  A troop withdrawal plan should begin imminently, accompanied by bringing in the two major regional powers – Russia and Iran – to broker an agreed peace settlement for Afghanistan and the Pakistan border region.

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