Campaign update: England First Party’s first ever Burnley candidate

Burnley EFP organiser, Steven Smith, will be the England First Party candidate for the forthcoming Burnley by-election, in Stoneyholme with Daneshouse ward, due to be held on Thursday 15th February.

Steven will be the EFP’s first ever Burnley candidate and has already started his campaign in the ward. Any EFP members or supporters wishing to come over and help Steven’s campaign in Burnley, should call party HQ on 07833 677484- Steven needs all the support he can get. He is prepared to put his head above the firing line in this very ‘diverse’ part of Burnley – don’t let him down.

If you can’t get over to Burnley to help on the ground, you can still help by sending in a donation to help with the high costs of running the campaign. Please make Cheques or Postal payable to ‘England First Party’ and post to our postal address (see the Contacts page here).

You can also make a donation online using PayPal using our Donation page here.

Steven will be up against three other candidates from the ‘old gang’ party’s – Shah Hussain (New Labour), Abdul Malik (Liberal Democrat) and Alan Marsden (Conservative). The by-election was caused because former Liberal Democrat Councillor Mozaquir Ali, was jailed for 18 months for election fraud!

There is another by-election in Burnley on the same day. The BNP are standing Paul McDevitt in the very marginal Brunshaw ward – which they have a good chance of winning. Brunshaw was once a BNP stronghold, but their former Councillor Stow defected to the Monster Raving Loony Party two years ago. It is also very encouraging that the local BNP branch decided not to put up a candidate against Steven and split the nationalist vote (as Blackburn BNP recently did in East Rural ward) in Stoneyholme with Daneshouse ward. The EFP would like to thank Christian Jackson and David Shappcott for their common sense and for not bowing to pressure from the BNP’s regional organiser Roy Goodwin – who instructed them to stand against the EFP whenever and where ever they could.

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