Building a new party

On Saturday 1st December 2012 the latest of a series of meetings setting the foundations of a new political party was held in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The new party has been registered with the Electoral Commission as the British Democratic Party, and the BDP President will be Andrew Brons, Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & Humber. Mr Brons was the main speaker at the meeting, introduced by former Bradford city councillor Dr James Lewthwaite.

Andrew Brons MEP
President of the British Democratic Party

Leading nationalists from several former BNP strongholds across the county – including Wakefield, Kirklees, Leeds, Sheffield, Rotherham and Bradford – were present.  In addition to present and former BNP officials, there were senior organisers from numerous other parties and movements including British Movement, English Democrats, Democratic Nationalists and England First Party.

Speakers included Peter Rushton of Heritage and Destiny and Graham Hardy, former Wakefield organiser of the BNP.

The British Democratic Party will be based on solid nationalist principles – unlike UKIP and the English Democrats, this new party will not pretend that national sovereignty can be separated from race and culture.  We should not pretend that withdrawing from the European Union or creating an English Parliament will achieve anything if we define Britons (or Englishmen) as anyone who happens to have been born on these islands.

Unlike the BNP, the British Democratic Party will have a proper constitution that makes party officers fully accountable to members.  During the creation of the new party, provisional officers will be appointed, but after an introductory period all leadership positions will be subject to election by the membership.

Kevin Scott
Founding Chairman of the BDP

As mentioned, the founding President of the British Democratic Party is Andrew Brons MEP.  Provisional BDP chairman is Kevin Scott, a thirty-year BNP activist who was formerly North East regional organiser of the BNP.  He is currently best known as director of the free speech campaign group, Civil Liberty.

Further news about the British Democratic Party will be posted soon, and a formal launch of the new party will take place in the New Year, after a series of planning meetings in various regions.

Heritage and Destiny welcomes the creation of the BDP and looks forward to reporting on further positive developments very soon.

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