BNP to consider admitting non-whites

Do we not fight to overturn “an infringement of our rights” these days?

REUTERS, 15Oct09: The far-right British National Party (BNP) agreed on Thursday to ask its members to amend its constitution to allow non-whites to join, in a bid to fend off court action from equality campaigners.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission launched legal action against the BNP earlier this year, arguing the party’s exclusion of potential members on ethnic grounds broke the Race Relations Act.

BNP leader Nick Griffin had warned the party faced potentially crippling legal bills if it fought the case, and the commission said he had now accepted its demands to change the party’s stance on membership.


“We have got to comply if we want to stay in the game,” a BNP spokesman told the BBC. “Of course it’s not right,” he said of the court case. “It’s an infringement of our rights.”

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