BNP Purge of Griffinites Begins

The new BNP power axis (left to right): Adam Walker, who has succeeded Nick Griffin as party chairman; Patrick Harrington, veteran political schemer aiming to survive as brains behind the new regime; Mark Walker, the new chairman’s brother.

All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword (Matthew 26:52)

LATEST UPDATE: Click here for full text of Nick Griffin’s circular to BNP Executive Council

As reported in the current edition of Heritage and Destiny, Nick Griffin was ousted as chairman of the British National Party in a brutal coup at a meeting of the party’s national executive on 19th July.  It took only a month for a purge of his remaining followers to begin, following the pattern which Griffin himself established more than a decade ago when he similarly purged supporters of his predecessor, BNP founder John Tyndall – eventually proscribing JT from his own party!

Nick Griffin’s son-in-law Angus Matthys is the latest to be struck down by the terrible swift sword of BNP factionalism.  On 20th August he received this peremptory summons from newly appointed BNP staff manager Frank Hogarth, no doubt acting on the orders of new party chairman Adam Walker.  Some detect the hand of Walker’s éminence grise – Nick Griffin’s former friend, turned enemy, turned friend, now perhaps turned enemy again – Patrick Harrington.

Dear Angus,

I am writing to clarify your employment position with us. We have been contacted with information that you are working for another employer. Please clarify when this employment began and what your contractual hours are with this employer. If you wish to resign your employment with us please notify of this in writing.

If you intend to continue working for us I have to tell you that we will be taking action against you for misconduct.

It is with regret that I have to notify you that there are serious allegations of misconduct against you which may constitute gross misconduct. 

These include:

  1. Theft or fraud – Here we would refer you to the setting up and payment of Direct Debits without the specific authority of the Treasurer, and in respect of the payment to British Gas of £ 596.30 not responding to our emails requesting details of the payment. Whilst not in itself a “Theft or fraud” it is a fundemental [sic] breach of trust in operation of the financial affairs of the Party, which could leave us open to an accusation of misuse of Party funds.
  2. Serious misuse of an organisation’s property – I would refer you to the issue of the Van, which you have in your possession, and your failure to respond to my email asking for the return. However more seriously you did not consider the fact that the Party might require the use of that vehicle, and have made no attempt to return it, until recently.
  3. Serious insubordination – Whilst various attempts have been made to engage you in correspondence or meetings, for example I would refer you to my email of 25th July, you have refused to co-operate, and have carried out no work for the Party since 24th July.

I would like to invite you to an investigatory meeting at my home on 29th August, 2014.  You may bring a work colleague or Trade Union representative with you. You will be given a copy of the minutes of that meeting and my conclusions. 

Yours faithfully

Frank Hogarth, Staff Manager

Further developments in the death of the BNP are expected soon.  What was once Britain’s best hope is now no longer a political party, but a business processing legacies from those misguided enough to leave bequests to the BNP in their will.


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