BNP chairman shamelessly asks for more donations – but to what purpose?

The British National Party ceased to be a “normal” political party over five years ago, but has continued to re-register each year with the Electoral Commission in the hope of fooling its ever-decreasing number of members that it still exists as a “normal” political party.

The BNP’s membership (which last year was estimated at around 300) will more than likely go down to around 200 this year – this includes many who are “Gold” Life-Members. The average age of a BNP member is thought to be around 70, with very few members under the age of 50 now.

The whole purpose of the party existing is to claim the last remaining wills that well-meaning members made in the party’s heyday 15-20 years ago. There are rumoured to be just two wills left now – one which includes a house in London, worth well over £1 million.

Thankfully last year, one will that an elderly former member in Devon had made many years ago was changed at almost the last minute, by quick-thinking former Plymouth BNP members who have since left the party and joined Patriotic Alternative. That money is now safe and will not be heading north to Cumbria.

The BNP now only exists as a fundraising operation to benefit chairman Adam Walker and his henchman Clive Jefferson

Even though the BNP only exists in name now, and has no regions, branches or even groups left and does not stand in any elections, or hold any meetings, demonstrations, marches or even leafleting sessions anymore, they still sent out another fund-raising appeal last week!

After claiming that the Tories have stolen another BNP policy “British Homes for British Workers”, BNP chairman Adam Walker wrote:

“Only the British National Party has continuously campaigned to end mass immigration in Britain and put British people first. It is crucial we act now, together we are stronger, together our voices are louder, donate/join today.”

Along with the A4 letter was a double-sided A5 donation form, which he no doubt hopes gullible members will fill in and return with some lucre for his non-existent political campaigns.

You really could not make this sort of stuff up.

BNP chairman Adam Walker was only a clown even in his heyday, but members now don’t even get a clown act for their money – only an incessant passing of the donation bucket.

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