Black blogger accuses HP computers of being ‘racist’

The blogger in question says his comments were made in jest. The most interesting thing is the widespread online response to the story, saying ‘yes Hewitt Packard are definitely racist’. You couldn’t make it up, right?

NEWS.AU.COM, 23 Dec 2009: HP has admitted its new face-tracking webcam has “issues” with black users.

The issue was first brought to worldwide attention earlier this month, when a US man known as “Black Desi” posted a YouTube video that showed his HP webcam – built in to its new computers – refusing to track his face.

The webcam has been developed to enhance live conversations and is supposed to follow the user in all directions and zoom in and out.

Titled “HP computers are racist”, the YouTube video quickly attracted some 500,000 hits and showed Black Desi’s webcam working as it should when his work colleague “White Wanda” stepped in front of the camera. No such luck for Desi.

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