Best of luck to all racial nationalist candidates today

Polling stations closed a few minutes ago in those areas of England and Wales that are electing local councillors, mayors, and/or police and fire service commissioners.

As H&D explained last month when nominations were filed for these elections, there are very few racial nationalist candidates this year, reflecting the general state of our movement, which has yet to recover from the damage inflicted by Nick Griffin when he destroyed the BNP more than a decade ago.

That damage coincided with the rise of the pro-Brexit movement which distracted many of our natural voters (and quite a few of our activists), who became deluded into believing that Nigel Farage and his successive parties (UKIP, the Brexit Party, and now Reform UK) would save our nation, and that withdrawal from the European Union would solve the immigration crisis and related problems.

Dr Jim Lewthwaite, H&D patron, British Democrats chairman, and Bradford City Council candidate

Unlike Farage and his spiv capitalists, and unlike the various fringe conspiracy theorist sects that have proliferated in recent years, racial nationalists share an ideology rooted in scientific reality and political honesty.

For the time being candidates are few in number, and divided among various parties and factions. But the courage and commitment of each of these candidates is a fine example to the rest of our movement. Whatever the results today, these candidates have taken an important step forward for our cause.

We are sure that all H&D readers will joining us in sending best wishes to the racial nationalist candidates standing today –

British Democrats:
Dr Jim Lewthwaite (party chairman), Wyke ward, Bradford
Chris Bateman, Castledon & Crouch, Basildon
Julian Leppert, Waltham Abbey North, Epping Forest
Lawrence Rustem, Shepway, Maidstone

Roger Robertson (above centre) with his Homeland Party campaign team

Homeland Party:
Roger Robertson, Hartley Wintney, Hart

Callum Hewitt, Central & West Bank, Halton
Gary Butler, Shepway, Maidstone

Independent council candidate and Patriotic Alternative activist Callum Hewitt on the campaign trail in Widnes

Despite our serious differences with civic nationalist parties, we also wish the best of luck to their candidates standing today –

English Democrats:
Maxine Spencer – Dearne North, Barnsley
Janus Polenceusz – Dearne South, Barnsley
Steve Morris – Besses, Bury
Val Morris – Holyrood, Bury
Robin Tilbrook – Rural East, Epping Forest
Robin Tilbrook – Essex Police & Crime Commissioner
David Dickason – Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner
Henry Curteis – West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner

National Housing Party UK:
John Lawrence – Hollinwood, Oldham

Britain First:
Nick Scanlon – London Mayor
Nick Scanlon – Greater London Assembly
David Bamber – Cokeham, Adur
Amanda Peel – Bablake, Coventry

As always, H&D will report on the election results as they are declared tonight and tomorrow. And we shall reflect on the implications for our movement when analysing these results, both here on the website and in the next edition of our magazine.

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