BNP Activists Unite to Call for Griffin Regignation
Issue Number: 44

April-June 2011
Contents include:
Ronald Rickcord – A Sailor’s Account of the Crimean War
Sic Semper Tyrannis – Peter Rushton reports on the demise of Col. Gadhafi and Nick Griffin
Troy Southgate’s new book – Nazis, Fascists, or Neither – Ideological Credentials of the British Far right 1987-1994 reviewed by gil Caldwell
Peter – Rushton – My Enemy’s Enemy? – Tough choices for nationalists
Latest analysis of the nationalist movement with news on the BNP, EDL, English Democrats, the French National Front and German NPD
Thomas Weber’s new book – Hitlers First War – The Men of the List Regiment and the First World War reviewed by Martin Kerr
Oldham BNP – the final chapter by Peter Rushton
Ian Anderson – Obituary – by Mark Cotterill
White America Embattled in Charlotte – American Renaissance conference cancelled again – report by David Yeagley
The Way Back – Movie Review by Mark Cotterill

Ex-BNP organiser – Now a Labour Party candidate!

From nationalist to marxist, only Phileas Fogg had a more unbelieveable journey!

From nationalist to marxist, only Phileas Fogg had a more unbelieveable journey!

With all the news of BNP activists, officials and organisers defecting to the English Democrats over the last week – including their former Yorkshire Regional Oraniser Chris Beverley (who will be standing for the ED’s in Leeds), most of the media missed the story of another former BNP organiser defecting to the Labour Party! –

Trevor Maxfield, who was once the BNP’s Blackburn with Darwen branch organiser, defected to the Labour Party late last year, and has now been selected by the Labour Party to fight Darwen’s Earcroft ward in the upcoming local council elections!

Maxfield has a long history in right wing/nationalist politics and was associated with Blood and Honour, National Front and Combat 18 before joining the BNP in 2002. He later joined the right wing For Darwen Party (which included many former BNP and England First members) in 2007, and was elected as a councillor to Blackburn with Darwen borough council later that year under their banner.

He quit the For Darwen Party along with another of their councillors – former BNP member Anthony Meleady – in 2010 and sat as an independent for a short while before joining Labour.

However, Maxfield kept up links with his former comrades and was in Southport last year (2010) on July 12th for the annual Loyalist parades, where he met up with England First, BNP, NF and other Loyalists!

Earcoft is a very winnable ward for Labour, so it is highly probable that Maxfield will be an official Labour Party councillor on May 5th.

Local (Blackburn) Labour supporter Yakub Patel said; “We knew that the Labour Party had moved further to right in recent years, but surely this can’t be happening!” He continued; “Blackburn Labour party have sold their soul for an extra vote or two, its very wrong, and I for one will be voting Liberal this time and I know many others in the Asian community who will be doing the same.”

It will be interesting to see what Labour leader Ed Miliband makes of his new recruit from the BNP? – As former Labour MP Tony Benn used to say – “You just could not make it up!”

Runners and riders!


EFP to stand 10 candidates.

The England First Party will be standing 10 candidates in this year’s local council elections, set for May 5th.

Stoke branch are standing 6 candidates for Stoke on Trent City Council.

Craig Pond – Goldenhill and Sandyford ward
Lynne Pond – Bradley and Chell Heath ward
Nick McVeigh – Broadway and Longton East ward
Mark Leat – Sandford Hill ward
Spencer Cartlidge – Dresden and Florence ward
John Barnett – Meir Hay – ward

EFP leader Mark Cotterill is standing for Preston City council – Ribbleton ward.

EFP Treasurer Ian Hague is standing for Wigan Borough Council – Ince ward.

EFP North East Organiser Paul Thompson is standing for Darlington Borough Council – Northgate ward.

Pendle Organiser David Geddes is standing for Pendle Borough Council – Bradley ward.

Best of luck to all EFP candidates – and to all nationalist candidates in general.

Les Andrews, R.I.P.


(left to right)  Les Andrews, Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushton campaigning for the England First Party

(left to right) Les Andrews, Mark Cotterill and Peter Rushton campaigning for the England First Party

We have just been informed that England First activist and racial nationalist stalwart Leslie (Les) Andrews died today – March 22nd 2011. Les was 80 years old.

I’m sorry I don’t know all the details, apart from he was found dead in his flat in Bedford, this morning. His neighbour who called me said he had not been well for a while, but he was still getting out and about. Les phoned me on Sunday night and said although he had not been well and had recently had several hospital visits he was feeling ok and looking forward to the next New Right meeting in London.

Although 80 years old, Les still tried to attend as many nationalist meetings and demo’s as he could. Only last month he was at the February New Right meeting in London selling Heritage and Destiny magazine (he sold 30 copies of every issue) and at the big EDL demo in Luton on February 5th (where he handed out England First literature), and in January he was at the BNP/England is Ours demo in Milton Keynes (protesting against the new Bletchley Mosque).

I last saw Les at the John Tyndall Memorial meeting in Preston in October last year. He stayed over at my house in Preston that weekend, along with Martin Kerr – who was visiting from America. He had just turned 80 then, and travelled up the morning of the meeting from Bedford to Preston. I remember him saying how hungry he was as he had not eaten so far that day – and could he start on the buffet a bit early!

Les was a real inspiration for today’s new generation of racial nationalists. He was a real fighter right until the very end. Les was a good friend and comrade of mine and many nationalists up and down the country. He will be sadly missed.

Mark Cotterill

A full Obituary will be published later online and also in Heritage and Destiny magazine.

Let’s Kick Englishness out of Rugby (and Football)

Once again, there was a blatant attack on us English – at the recent six nations Rugby matches – by part of theliberal/leftistablishment.

This has to have government blessing otherwise it would be stamped on. This constant attack on our identity and culture absolutely infuriates
most Englishmen.
It is an obvious, deliberate and coordinated attack on our nation and our national identity.
I feel that we must counter this on every occasion and ensure that they – the liberal/left establishment are aware that we are not going to sit idly by whilst they destroy our English identity.

England and Scotland (and Wales) are all part of Great Britain right? Both are British so why a separate national anthem for Scotland and Wales at Rugby (and football matches)?

Why no English anthem?

Why no English anthem?

At the recent England v Scotland Rugby game, the English players sang whilst the British anthem was played, but the Scots just stood with welded lips.
Jerusalem was played and sung prior to the players coming out, but the BBC cut it as soon as it became distinctive and switched to an interview with the Scottish captain, it was
so blatant.
If Jerusalem could be played before the players
emerged why was God Save the Queen played when the players lined up. They obviously recognised the significance of Jerusalem.

In effect the Scots had two national anthems, ‘Flower of Scotland’ and their British one God Save the Queen.
England had just one – the joint British anthem God Save the Queen.

No English anthem for rugby either.

No English anthem for rugby either.

It was humiliating to hear the Scots sing Flower ofScotland whilst the English were forced to hear the British anthem. English patriots overwhelmingly consider that Jerusalem is the anthem for England and it is offensive to
hear the British anthem played exclusively for England during home internationals.

The establishment, obviously do not consider the Scots (or Welsh who sing Land of My Fathers) to be British otherwise all teams would be represented by God Save the Queen.

In effect the Scots, being part of Britain had two national anthems but the English had just one, the British anthem.
The Scottish anthem was sung for 1min 40secs, God Save the Queen was for just 50 seconds.

The Scottish team played in their national colours of blueand white but not England, no red on their all white strip.

The Scots had their flag, the Saltire, on their strip but England did not bear the Cross of St George. We just had a red rose which could be a county (Lancashire) crest of course.

This is anti-English racism of the worst kind.

We wish to know why this was done? and if a policy exists within the Rugby Union Federation – as well as the Football Association as it happens at England footy games too – that encourages these anti English practices. We
should really consider this a request under the Freedom of Information Act!

PS. Northern Ireland, another country that suffers massive racism against it, is not allowed its own national anthem (The Sash my father wore?) either. They too have to make do
with God Save the Queen – instead of their own anthem before footy matches.

2011 Local Council elections:


This year’s local council elections are being held on Thursday May 5th. However nomination papers are available to collect from your local town halls NOW! We have already collected our packs for Preston and Wigan. If you are planning on standing in these election’s for the EFP then please note that you will need to be a fully paid up member of the party. We will not be nominating any non-members. You should also make sure that you have at least £150 – £200 (depending on the size of your ward) to spend on your campaign. If you wish to stand, but you are not sure of what to do, then please call the EFP office ASAP – 07833 677484.

If you can’t stand yourself (for whatever reason, and we do understand that some members can’t stand because of their jobs, family problems etc. then please at least help those who can.

You can help in two ways; a) send us an election donation – however large or small it all helps – Please make your cheques or postal orders payable to “England First Party” and mark on the back “election 2011”. Send to: EFP, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE. Or if you have a PayPal account you can donate online to: Note – If you send £200 or more you must be on the electoral roll and be able to provide proof of this.

And/or b) come over to one of the areas we are standing candidates in and help us canvass/distribute leaflets etc. If you want to help call the EFP office now on 07833 677484 for full details.

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the electorates desire for change, the corrupt British media still has to peddle its lies and myths concerning right wing politics, and its getting on my bloody nerves!

According to a Populus poll in yesterdays press, 48% of the British population would support a right wing, anti-immigration party, if they were not associated with violence and fascist imagery, but the right are neither fascist or violent!
The fascist imagery comes courtesy of the corrupt British media which portrays us- falsely- in that light, and it’s the same with violence.
At the BNPs RWB in Derby, it was the far left that attacked the police, it was the Unwanted Anal Fungi that had 36 supporters arrested!
Outside the BBC when Griffin made his disatrous appearance on QT, it was the UAF that once again committed violence against the police, the leader of the UAF being arrested and charged with violence against a police officer, but this too was in and out of the news with barely a bloody whisper!.
And when at least 20 UAF scumbags attacked four nationalists, Tony Ward being smashed in the head with a hammer and every panel of his vehicle being damaged by the far left bully boy scum, where was the moral outrage of the press then?!

Hit in the head with a hammer by UAF thugs, but no outcry by Britains corrupt press.

Hit in the head with a hammer by UAF thugs, but no outcry by Britains corrupt press.

The simple facts are that it is not the right that is violent, it is the left, and it is not the left that gets taken to task for its unacceptable behaviour, but the right, and it is the corrupt British media that is directly responsible for this deliberate miscarriage of justice!

The poll suggests that the support for a right wing party might equal, or even outstrip, the support found in other nations such as France or Austria, but then again being deliberately misleading, the press show pictures of the EDL, who are neither right wing or a political party!
The EDL are not against immigration, just islam, and the name EDL is very much a misnomer, it should be called the Anti-Islamic League because that’s what it is, the leaders have no interest in England at all.

Not about England or the English, just about Islam.

Not about England or the English, just about Islam.

The ridiculous thing is that while most of the EDL followers are nationalists, the leaders are pro-immigration puppets!

And who do the corrupt press hold up as the hero fighting against our bigotry?
Jon Cruddas!

And why is Britains nationalist drive so far behind the rest of Europe?
Take a look at the European leaders, then take a look at our leaders, it’s not difficult to spot the reasons why we are at such a disadvantage. That useless moneygrabber Griffin needs to go, or a new party created from all the good and decent people that have left or being thrown out of the BNP, and the National Front need to take on board the need of a change of image if they want to see more success.

It’s good to know that even our enemies can see the potential in our situation, it’s just a crying shame that those in a position to drag nationalism to the fore, aren’t interested in doing so.
Craig Pond, EFPStoke.

The future may be bright……….

comdef localism bill

Most times I come into contact with media about Cameron and the coalition, the only thing that stops me from punching the computer or kicking the TV, is the dread inducing thought that those Labour communists might sneak back in to power, so given the choice, I’ll take Cameron and his minime, Nick Clegg.

But hold, there is something on the horizon that has the look of a genuine step forward in our search for the lost democratic process in this country, and its name is ‘The Localism bill’.

I know, I know, the coalition coming out with not only something useful, but genuinely progressive?! No-one is more shocked at this than me, but this bill has real potential for breaking the Labour, Common Purpose hold on our councils up and down the country, and with a few tweaks – one in particular – this could be a magnificent political breakthrough that could change the nature of British politics for good.


This is Greg Clark MP, Minister of State for Decentralisation, and this is his baby. Now this isn’t law yet, it is on limited trial and needs to go back to parliament to both houses, and we should support this wholeheartedly, and here’s why.
There are four general headings in the Plain English Guide to the Localism Bill. They are:
1) new freedoms and flexibilities for local government;
2) New rights and powers for communities and individuals;
3)Making the planning system more democratic and effective( less corrupt);
4)Making sure housing decisions locally taken.

The bit that needs fixing to make this fantastic is this; under the direction of the Localism bill, any subject considered important can be brought to referendum, BUT IT IS NOT LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE!
If that could be changed to being legally enforceable once a certain percentage of the vote has been reached, this will be a great big stick to beat the thieving, third rate scum that infest our civic centres, with.

Stopping the council gravy train, it's big Eric.

Stopping the council gravy train, it's big Eric.

This chubby chappy has come up with the idea of making greedy council officers looking for salaries of more than £100k, have their salaries approved by full council, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get this thievery stopped in most councils, devastating if we can get our own nationalist councillors into the chambers come May.

There will be council control of who makes the housing list, control of officers salaries, the ability to do anything that isn’t specifically banned under law, but it is the powers laid on the individuals and communities that really set this apart from any other piece of political policy.
The right to bring any decision/subject to referendum, proper rights of objection to planning applications, the rights of communities to run services and amenities, and to have the right to say what it is you want in your communities.

Check it out at the website above, download the Plain English guide if you can, and follow the progression of this through parliament, because if this is activated, if it becomes policy, we can change the face of local politics for good, and that has to be a good thing.

Griffin; How blatant will the members let his tactics become?

In the past ten days, Nick Griffin has sacked Chris Beverley as the Yorkshire regional organiser, promoted Ian Kitchen; and his atrocious wife; to a position far above his abilities, and now he’s suspended Nick Cass for barring his ‘yes men’ from a meeting organised in Yorkshire to try and sort out just what the hell is going on with the BNP.

And this has been the pattern of behaviour over several years now, sack or suspend those officers and members with the drive to make the party bigger and stronger, and replace them with sycophants and third raters, people that are easy to control and manipulate, people that are able to be bought off for a paid official position in the party.

But has Griffin already inflicted terminal damage on the party?
Not only has he dragged it through the gutter with torrid tales of death threats, and attempts at stealing the website from Simon Bennett- and all just before the general election-, but his personal baggage has gone a long way to limiting the productivity of the party as well. If you add to this the serious financial damage him and a handful of tossers right at the top of the party have caused, you have to question whether what’s left can be saved from court induced collapse, and the persuit of an ever lengthening list of pissed off people and businesses, looking to sue him and the party for the many wrongs he is responsible for.

At least £500,000 of unecessary debt, the impression is not if the party will go under, but when, and if we have nothing ready to take on all these nationalists that will be cut free, we as a movement will lose far too many people, leaving us with the job of creating something new, then having to spend years finding/replacing those that were lost to the movement because we were not ready.

There’s a meeting being held by Nick Cass that will discuss the future of the BNP, let’s hope the outcome of that will see something being done to give all these nationalists that have refused to renew their memberships, or been kicked out, a place to come to, so their experience and support aren’t lost to nationalism forever.

Obituary – Ian Anderson – 1953 – 2011

finished pic

R to L. Tom Mundy, Joe Pierce, Iasn Anderson, Nick Griffin, Pat Harrington.

We have just been informed that former National Front chairman Ian Anderson died (of a brain tumour) last week – on February 2nd.

Anderson was a leading figure in the British racial-nationalist scene in the 1980s and 1990s.

Although firmly associated with nationalism, Anderson’s involvement in politics began in Oxford, while he was at University studying Zoology in the mid-1970s when he was close to certain elements on the right-wing of the Conservative Party, particularly the Monday Club.

Anderson joined the National Front in the late 1970s and was initially seen as a supporter of National Organiser Martin Webster and the NFs Gay faction. However when the Political Soldier faction, led by figures such as Nick Griffin, Pat Harrington and Derek Holland, moved against Webster and his boy friend Michael Salt, Anderson sided with the rebels and used his casting vote to ensure that Webster and Salt were expelled for mismanagement.

Anderson became a close associate of Andrew Brons and, like Brons, largely indulged the Political Soldiers faction, writing for the Third Positionist party magazine Nationalism Today. He also played a leading role in working with Ian Stuart Donaldson to ensure that Rock Against Communism became the province of the NF rather than the British Movement. As Anderson grew in influence within the NF divisions between the faction led by Brons and himself and the Political Soldiers grew, as Anderson was a strong supporter of electoral participation.

He became one of the leading figures grouped around the dissident The Flag newspaper (edited by Martin Wingfield) and was expelled by the Official National Front along with the rest of his faction in 1986, reconstituting as the NF Flag Group. The divisions reached a crisis at the Vauxhall by-election in 1989, where an NF candidate for each faction stood (Patrick Harrington and Ted Budden), splitting support and haranguing one another on live TV as the declaration of votes was made. Anderson, nonetheless, became a powerful figure within the Flag Group and by 1990 was effective leader, Andrew Brons having left the political scene.

With the Official NF having split into the International Third Position and Third Way, Anderson gained control of the NF in 1990 and attempted to remodel the party back along the lines of John O’Brien in the early 1970s when they had appeared at one stage to be a potential threat to the mainstream parties. The spur for this was undoubtedly the success of the Front National in France. Anderson’s NF suffered however from the inactivity and in-fighting of the 1980s, whilst the emergence of the British National Party was also a major check on his ambitions as leader.

Anderson soon came to believe that the negative connotations of the National Front name were proving a bar to success and so in 1995 he relaunched the party as the National Democrats, after a postal ballot of the members. The launch was not without its problems however: within a month, many activists had joined the continuing National Front run by John McAuley and Tom Homes.

Anderson maintained contacts in Northern Ireland (which the NF had built up during the late 1970’s and 1980s), particularly within the right-wing of the UDA and in the 1997 General Election he stood as a candidate for the National Democrats in Londonderry East constituency. Securing a mere 0.2% share of the vote in the constituency, Anderson soon abandoned his Northern Ireland strategy. The National Democrats have since become the Campaign for National Democracy pressure group and has ceased actively contesting elections.

Anderson was also involved in setting up the People’s Campaign to Keep the Pound, along with Anthony Bennett, a leading member of Robert Kilroy-Silk’s Veritas. In 2004, he re-emerged in his new home of Epping to become a figure in community politics, campaigning for adult learning, local clean-ups,and more shops and fewer restaurants amongst other local campaigns.

Anderson was until his recent death the leader of the Epping Community Action Group, which was registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party in April 2006.The group stood two candidates, including Anderson himself, for election to Epping Forest District Council in the 2007 local elections, but came third in both wards. He gained 215 votes in the Epping Hemnall ward beating a British National Party candidate by 68 votes.

A full Obituary will be published in the forthcoming issue (44) of Heritage and Destiny which will be out in April.

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