Immigration surges after Brexit referendum

Many of those who voted in 2016’s referendum for the UK to leave the European Union believed that this would lead to a rapid reduction in immigration. A continuing debate ensued for example in the pages of H&D between keen Brexit campaigners (who broadly believed that leaving the EU would be a major blow against the multiracialist establishment) and more sceptical racial nationalists, some of whom feared that Brexit would actually worsen our country’s racial problems.

This week official statistics confirmed the sceptics’ worst fears. It is now apparent that almost from the moment of the 2016 referendum, net immigration from EU countries began to fall. In fact there is net emigration from the UK to the Central and Eastern European nations known as the EU8: i.e. Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

However there has been a sharp rise in net immigration from outside the EU, not only increasing numbers of university students (especially from China) but other immigrants from Africa and Asia. Prime Minister Theresa May’s office actually boasted that this increase in immigration was a positive sign!

Conservative-dominated governments for the past nine years have consistently stated their aim to reduce annual net immigration to below 100,000. If achieved, that would take us back to the start of the Blair / ‘New Labour’ era in 1997, when net immigration was 50,000.

Don’t forget that even then, there would be tens of thousands more people arriving in the UK than leaving, and these immigrants would be constantly adding to our existing non-British population.

Shockingly, none of those Conservative-led governments since 2010 has got anywhere near even their modest 100,000 immigrant target. The most recent figures for the year ending June 2018 show net immigration of 273,000.

And of these an increasing proportion are non-Europeans. In that same 12 month period, the number of non-EU citizens who are in the UK on a long term basis rose by 248,000, whereas the same figure for EU citizens was 74,000.

A very large number of the new arrivals are from India.

The UK faces an ever more dangerous demographic time bomb, and this crisis has been worsened by the Brexit process (so far).

Social conservative split rocks Irish republicanism

Peadar Toibin, formerly of Sinn Fein, now leader of a new socially conservative party

The Republic of Ireland has no electorally credible racial nationalist, or even eurosceptic nationalist party. In 2014 the big story here was Sinn Féin’s success in gaining three MEPs with 19.5% of the vote. This year Ireland’s European parliamentary representation will increase from 11 to 13 MEPs, so Sinn Féin (political arm of the terrorist IRA) will almost certainly retain these three seats.

However Sinn Féin is now being challenged by social conservatives, who take a leftwing stance on economics and remain committed to taking Ulster into the Irish Republic, but are disgusted by their leaders’ new liberal policies on issues such as abortion.

Co Tyrone councillor Rosemarie Shields is among the new party’s recruits from SDLP

At the start of 2019 a Sinn Féin member of the Irish Parliament, Peadar Toibin defected to set up a new conservative nationalist party called Aontú (which means ‘Unity’ or ‘Consent’). Some see this party as a desperate last stand by a dying Catholic establishment, but it has already attracted a few defections from either side of the Irish border.

Mr Toibin is a business consultant and graduate of University College Dublin, and had been a Sinn Fein activist since his student days. He says that about one-third of the new party’s supporters come from Fianna Fail, Ireland’s second-largest party and successor to the tradition of the country’s first independent leader Eamon de Valera. North of the border recruits have also come from Sinn Fein’s declining rival the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP), including a councillor in County Tyrone.

The latest defector to Aontú is Sinn Fein councillor for Central Craigavon, Fergal Lennon, who told the media: “My former party has lost contact with the grassroots and no longer represents the best interest of the electorate, choosing instead to put media sound bites in place of real action.”

Craigavon councillor Fergal Lennon is the latest defector from Sinn Fein to the new party

Arguably the roots of this split date back to the late 1960s when the Provisional IRA was formed. This rejected the old-fashioned Marxism of the ‘Official IRA’: instead of waiting and building towards a proletarian revolution, the Provisionals were determined to escalate a brutal terrorist war against the hated Brits.

Yet on the other hand these same Provisionals increasingly identified themselves with Third World ‘liberation movements’, and eventually with the entire gamut of trendy delusions ranging from feminism, through abortion rights, gay marriage, multiracialism and no doubt now ‘transgender’ rights.

For many years Sinn Fein / IRA disguised these leftist/liberal affiliations from their American donors, since most of the latter were old-fashioned nationalists with a romantic attachment to traditional Irish culture, and in most cases devout Roman Catholics.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. Emboldened by a decade of scandals that have undermined church authority, militant left/liberal secularists have openly taken control of Sinn Fein’s agenda.

The new Aontú party is an effort to reconnect Irish republicanism with its traditional roots: it will be interesting to see whether Sinn Fein’s hegemony (that has been consolidated over the past half century) will now be challenged.

There is also a new party called Irexit campaigning for Ireland to leave the European Union, but it’s not yet clear whether this will be officially registered in time to contest this year’s elections. In Ireland (unlike the UK) at least 300 registered members are required before a party is officially recognised to appear on ballot papers.


A brief report on Saturday’s meeting of British nationalists in Leeds from one of the organisers.

The City of Leeds

What started out as a simple idea, less than two months ago, between two nationalist colleagues and a solitary Facebook group that is barely two weeks old, resulted in the coming together of SIXTY attendees at Saturday’s first ever Nationalist Unity meeting.

I emphasise the word sixty simply because the number of patriots who were in attendance exceeded my initial expectation and I would very much like to take the opportunity to thank all those who made the effort to get there, including of course all the fine speakers – some having had 2-3 hour journeys to get to the venue.

The overarching theme of the day’s proceedings, was the question of whether some of the separate parties and organisations within the wider nationalist community could somehow begin working more closely together. It’s true to say that the movement has been badly divided since the British National Party’s heyday of a decade or so ago, indeed it is fair to echo the comment made recently by Max Musson over at by saying that the movement has very definitely become moribund of late.

So, Saturday’s event was an attempt to breathe new life into a political ideology that at one time, not so long ago, could boast of having almost one million people voting for it.

Here’s the thing. Although we are not yet all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ in terms of agreeing on a definite singular path for the way forward, there was no animosity on display, no heated arguments and no falling out amongst ourselves whatsoever. Every individual in attendance was willing to hear the other out in a spirit of friendship and comradeship and that has to bode well for future cooperation between all of us. Many good and practical ideas were put forward and we shall be working on those in the coming weeks and months.

Without some form of unity and understanding, and, a little bit of give and take from all sides, we shall surely remain a splintered diaspora, and the end result will simply be the loss of all that we hold dear in terms of race and nation. IT IS VITAL THAT WE BEGIN ONCE AGAIN TO START WORKING TOGETHER AS A TEAM.

There will be no watering down of our core values of racial nationalism or adherence to the sentiment contained within the Fourteen Words.

It was encouraging to see representation from a number of well-established nationalist organisations at the meeting. We had people there from all of the following; National Front, Western Spring, British Movement, Heritage and Destinyand the British Democrats.

Further clarification

At the meeting we stressed the point that the reason for setting up this Nationalist Unity project was not simply to create another electioneering party, indeed that may not happen, though it is one of the options on the table. It is possible that we may at some point in the future offer ourselves up as a membership block to another party already in existence. Alternatively, and at the very least we continue on as an organisation fighting for the rights of the native population of Great Britain, and by extension, for that of our brothers and sisters right across the western world.


Readers wishing to contact the Nationalist Unity Facebook page should go to


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The sheer vindictive nastiness of the Thought Police of Political Correctness has recently been shown yet again by their treatment of a very old, sick man who is also one of the World’s greatest living scientists, Professor James Watson.

Noble Prize-winning James Watson is stripped of honorary titles at lab

In 1953, Watson and his colleagues Maurice Wilkins and Francis Crick discovered the spiral helix structure of DNA, establishing it as the repository of genetic information in almost all living things on Earth. Their epochal work earned them a Nobel Prize in 1962.

As one of the world’s most eminent geneticists, Watson was showered with promotions and honours.  In 1968 Watson began serving as Director of the world-leading Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, subsequently assuming the roles of President and Chancellor thereof.

For nearly forty years Professor Watson pursued a distinguished career at that Laboratory, which for a long time was understandably proud to be associated with him. However, the noose of Politically Correct totalitarianism was tightening imperceptibly.

In the eyes of the PC Thought Police Watson’s crime was to uphold the view, shared – though ever less openly! – by most geneticists that human intelligence is primarily determined by genetic inheritance and that such innate genetic differences are at the root of much of the differences in average intelligence repeatedly revealed between genetically distinct human populations or races.

This was once uncontroversial. A very large number of independent studies over many years confirmed the reality of average differences in intelligence between races, with Australian aborigines lowest, Negroes in both Africa and America somewhat higher and Whites higher still, with Mongolid East Asians, Chinese and Japanese having the highest average intelligence. These measured IQ and other intelligence metric differences correlate well, indeed very obviously, with the historical, cultural and current performances of the ethnic groups concerned. Books such as Oxford Professor John Baker’s 1974 study Race, and Herrnstein and Murray’s 1994 The Bell Curve, give chapter and verse of the evidence in this area.

But as the jackboot of Political Correctness ground ever harder on the world of science, one by one experts in this field fell silent, or even, in fear for their careers, began parroting the desired liberal orthodoxy. The evidence of innate racial differences in mind as well as body was not disproved, the old studies which had supported such conclusions were not supplanted by later ones proving them wrong. Instead research in this area simply stopped. Or was stopped.

It is now impossible to get any sort of research grant for a scientist to investigate this field, and career-ending to try. It would be very difficult for a book like Race or The Bell Curve to find a major publisher today. What few research papers still venture into publication in obscure journals such asPersonality and Individual Differences and Intelligence, both from scientific publisher Elsevier, continue to support these innate differences, but are simply not mentioned beyond nervous whispers in college common rooms.

Professor Watson, however, had the courage to carry on speaking the truth about an area on which he was, after all, one of the world’s greatest experts.  In October 2007, Watson said to the Sunday Times that he was “gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours, whereas all the testing says not really.”

He later waded into even more dangerous territory, suggesting that anecdotal reports said that black employees were less intelligent, and that there were no talented black scientists who could be recruited to work in his laboratory.

Clearly this could not be tolerated, and Professor Watson was summarily sacked from all his academic posts and seats on the boards of biotech companies. To damp down the ensuing outcry, he was fobbed off with meaningless honorary titles from Cold Spring:  Chancellor Emeritus, Oliver R. Grace Professor Emeritus and Honorary Trustee.

But his income dried up and he was reduced to penury in his old age. In 2014 he told the Financial Times “Because I was an ‘unperson’ I was fired from the boards of companies, so I have no income, apart from my academic income. No one really wants to admit I exist.” To make ends meet he was reduced to selling his Nobel Prize Medal.

Never the less this brave, honest old scientist was unbowed. Filmed last summer in the PBS documentary American Masters: Decoding Watson, he stuck to his guns and upheld the truth.

Asked whether his views about race and intelligence had changed, he forthrightly replied: “Not at all. I would like for them to have changed, that there be new knowledge that says that your nurture is much more important than nature.” But there isn’t, so he went on “There’s a difference on the average between blacks and whites on IQ tests. I would say the difference is, it’s genetic.”

This temerity could not be tolerated. Even though Professor Watson was subsequently injured in a car accident in October and is sadly now in an almost vegetative state, Cold Harbour responded by vindictively stripping him of all the honorary posts and titles earned in sixty years of world-leading research, describing the views of probably the greatest living expert in this field as “unsubstantiated and reckless”. Their institution“condemns the misuse of science to justify prejudice.”  Although the considered opinion of a world authority based on decades of research, whether or not they agree with it, or dare admit they do, is hardly by any standard “prejudice”.

Sundry Politically Correct jackals then ran up to yap at the fallen lion, who was conveniently now no longer able to reply to them. One Dr Francis S. Collins, who no doubt is keen to remain Director of the US Government National Institutes of Health, said he was “unaware of any credible research” behind Watson’s “scientifically unsupported and hurtful beliefs”, revealing himself as either incredibly ignorant for one in his position or a coward and a liar.

This contemptible treatment of a sick but brave and honest old scientist standing up for the truth against a tyrannous official ideology will hopefully be judged by history with that meted out to Galileo for saying that the Earth goes around the Sun. When Politically Correct dogma on race is one with the Ptolemaic epicycles Copernicus and Galileo refuted, the name of DNA pioneer Dr. James Watson will still be remembered in honour. A great scientist and a brave and honest man.

Ian Freeman

Harry Mullin – A Great British Patriot

It is with deep sadness that I have to inform comrades that the great British patriot Harry Mullin has died. Harry passed away peacefully in his sleep on 22nd of December 2018 at a care home in northern Glasgow.

Henry Cunningham Mullin, (Harry), was born on the 8th of March 1935, into a large family of Irish immigrant Scots. Harry was the youngest of seven children I believe. His father Ned and five of his sons served in the British Army, Three dying whilst serving the Crown. A sister went on to become one of the most prominent Salvation Army officers in America.

Harry grew up in the St. Georges Cross and “Roun’ Toll” areas of Glasgow. I recall Harry telling me of working as a boy delivering heavy bags of sugar around Glasgow and of the rats and “silverfish” that polluted his tenement home that terrified him so much as a youngster, so when he at last got the opportunity to join the Army, like his brothers and father before him, he grasped it with open arms.

Harry became a Sapper in the Royal Engineers, serving in Germany and Hong Kong and elsewhere. Harry eventually married, fathering four children if I am correct.

Harry had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and he read book after book. Nothing was out of bounds and no political theory was unworthy of analysis.

At this point Harry was a long distance lorry driver but he was also studying at every truck stop he could and eventually he was admitted to Glasgow University as a mature student. He gained a masters honours degree in politics and history I believe, but don’t quote me on the subjects.

It was at Harry’s time at University that his life took quite a turn.
One evening at a party Harry was given a photocopied pamphlet by University lefties advertising a meeting. Intrigued Harry went along.

The meeting was dull but a few in the audience seemed serious and they invited Harry to another party nearby.  Harry toddled along out of interest.
Before long the drink was flowing and the “revolutionaries” were talking about violence, guns and robberies.

Harry, as a British patriot was appalled, and decided to inform on the leftie students. Next morning he approached a nearby Police desk sergeant with the news and details of the plot and in a short space of time Harry was approached and eventually recruited by Special Branch.

To the detriment of his family life and his own personal security Harry then spent many years infiltrating various leftist groups.  He infiltrated Tartan Army groups, preventing the kidnap and murder of Lord Campbell of Croy. He travelled extensively informing on Irish Republican, Italian Red Brigade groups and even Eritrean rebels in Africa. Harry hated Communism and it is to Harry’s credit that the vile former Labour party MP and former Lord Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, was duped enough to describe Harry as “A respected Labour movement member”.

Without going off too much into a tangent Harry’s relationship with Special Branch and MI5 soured. Harry had been asked to take part in a bank robbery organised by leftists that Harry had been informing on. Harry smelled a rat and refused, believing he was being set up because he knew too much. Harry then cut his ties with Special Branch.

There was a hiatus of a few years of Harry’s story but Harry eventually attended what was also to be my first ever BNP St. Andrew’s Day rally meeting in the 1980’s. John Tyndall and Dave Bruce were the guest speakers.

Whilst I headed to the pub afterwards, Harry headed home, spending his rent money on the pile of revisionist and nationalist books he had never clapped eyes on before.

In private, Harry came clean, informing us early of his former Special Branch and Mi5 roles. He also showed us some documents he had kept from his time as an informer on the left.
His anti-communist credentials let us know we had a good man in our ranks.

Those of us who were young BNP activists back in the day will recall that we would turn up team handed and tooled up, only to discover a solitary Harry Mullin standing there before us, brave as hell, facing the communists himself.

I have many, many, fond memories of my auld friend  Harry Mullin.
Be it Harry speaking at BNP meetings across Britain. His booming voice declaring “I may have been in the Communist Party but my name is Harry Mullin. It is not Gerry Gable”.

In the early 90’s Harry moved to Northern Ireland, living just off the Shankill, where one of his brothers was a Protestant Minister. Harry worked as a scrap metal man and his profession took him to all parts of Belfast and beyond. Even in Republican IRA areas. Secretly, although he was no longer an official informer and he was sick of that life, Harry would alert the RUC to any whispers he picked up in IRA areas on his scrap metal trips.

Back in Scotland after his brother died in Ulster Harry had a time living homeless, exposed to the elements, living on scaffolding in a sleeping bag night after night before he ended up in the Peter McCann hostel near Dobbies Loan. This was a time long before mobile phones, emails and social media so Harry could only contact us through a BNP P.O. box we visited irregularly I guess. Eventually when Harry made contact he was housed in a BNP friendly house in Govan. Back amongst friends and comrades.

Few people know that Harry was a deeply religious man. He regularly read his Bible and had articles published in various Christian magazines. Using his military experience he also had an article published in Soldier Of Fortune magazine too.

As Harry aged and ill health encroached, Harry would limit his activism to writing articles for various Nationalist magazines and he was also a prolific letter writer to the ZOG press. He was also very kind in sending financial donations to White Nationalist groups at home and abroad.

I was wondering how to end this obituary but I have just received a text from a comrade of mine “G”. His abridged text says “Spent a few minute reflecting on the sad news. Harry was a one-off and he could never be accused of living a boring life. Lots of good memories. From bumping into him regularly in the town to meetings in London and Leeds etc. There’s a special hall on Valhalla for the old revered warriors.
Harry is there now. RIP!”.

Enough said really. If I live to be half the white man Harry was I will be doing well.

Steve Cartwright, Glasgow, Scotland

RIP Harry Mullin

The Mullin Family Remembered – By Harry Mullin – H&D Sept/Oct 2012 issue

In memory of my family, formerly of 14 Grove Park Street, off Garscube Road, and 20 Westbury Street, off Cedar Street: now departed this life.

Ned: my father.  Black Watch, Royal Engineers, Western Front 1914-1918.  Buried in Lambhill, Glasgow, 1944.

Jenny: my sorrowful Christian mother, who wept and prayed for her family. Jimmy and Jenny: died in childhood from diseases contracted in a vermin-infested Glasgow slum, my father’s reward along with unemployment and consequent poverty, from a grateful nation for the hardship he endured in Flanders fields. Sandy:  Scots Guards, buried in War Commission grave, February 1945, Streatham Cemetery, London.

John:  W.O. Pilot, RAF Coastal Command.  Shot down, Bay of Biscay, Christmas 1943 – lost with all his Kiwi crew.  Merry Christmas, Ned and Jenny.  I remember my mother’s tears and my father’s trembling lips.

Eddie:  RNVR, “signed up for the duration”, June 1939.  Buried in War Commission grave, 31st December 1946.  Happy New Year, Jenny.  (Ned was dead by that time.)

Robert: Royal Navy, was up on deck duty, battleship HMS Anson in Hong Kong harbour, when the Japanese military came aboard to sign the surrender terms, 1945.  Buried in Ulster, “the ould country”, 11th July.

Tommy: REME, served in Palestine, Egypt, Canal Zone – combatting terrorists.  Interred in Garden of Remembrance, Lambhill. May: my sorrowful sister, interred in Garden of Remembrance, Lambhill. Betty: Salvation Army officer, twice appointed ‘Woman of the Year’ for her work among the poor in New York.  Buried “under a tree” in New Jersey, USA.

Harry – the last of the clan.  Ex-Regular Army.  Served my country in the Royal Engineers: Britain, South East Asia, Europe, East Africa, Ulster – and got no thanks for it.  Put onto a blacklist by left-wing bigots in the trade unions, who with their cop comrades hounded me into a police cell for five days.  Reviled in the left-wing anti-British media for three pages. 

Unemployed for twenty years, just for being British, and refusing to grovel over our nation’s history. What left-winger, journalist, cop, or trade union bureaucrat has a record of sacrifice comparable to us Mullins?  Yet the public sector left has called me “Scum!”, showing they are no friends of us working-class Brits; but rather are our oppressors and hate-filled enemies.

Harry Mullin, Lambhill, Glasgow, Scotland

UPDATE: Alison Chabloz given suspended sentence for “grossly offensive” YouTube videos

Alison Chabloz

Folk singer and satirist Alison Chabloz was convicted this morning at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on three charges relating to “grossly offensive” material on YouTube.

Judge John Zani found Ms Chabloz guilty of what he termed “serious” offences under the Communications Act 2003: he will pass sentence on June 14th after receiving probation reports. The maximum potential sentence is six months imprisonment on each charge.

Click here to read a more detailed report, analysing Judge Zani’s ruling and his dangerous failure to respond to the important issues raised in defence evidence from H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton.

14th June update: Ms Chabloz has been given a 20-week suspended prison sentence, combined with 180 hours community service and a 20-day “rehabilitation programme”. She has also been banned from posting to social media. The Campaign Against Antisemitism which brought the original private prosecution said in their statement following the sentencing hearing this morning:

“The case effectively delivers a landmark precedent verdict on incitement on social media and on whether the law considers Holocaust denial to be “grossly offensive” and therefore illegal when used as a means by which to hound Jews.”

In his personal statement, Gideon Falter of CAA repeated his earlier assertion that the verdict amounts to the outlawing of revisionism:
“This sentence sends a strong message that in Britain, Holocaust denial and antisemitic conspiracy theories will not be tolerated.”

As explained in our detailed report, it is by no means clear whether Judge Zani’s verdict does criminalise ‘Holocaust denial’ per se, or only particular forms of such denial which are deemed to be ‘grossly offensive’.

H&D 84 published

 The new issue (#84) of Heritage and Destiny magazine is now out.

The 26 page, May – June 2018 issue, has as its lead.

The Last UKIP Winners? Derby UKIP ousts Asian Labour leader in “Racist” campaign, while the rest of their party fades away.

front cover issue 84

Heritage and Destiny Issue 84

Issue 84 -May – June 2018.

Contents include:

  • Editorial – by Mark Cotterill
  • Madness by Media – Simon Sheppard details the relentless march of the cat ladies
  • Book Review: The Colonisation of Europe – by Guillaume Faye – Part I – reviewed by Ian Freeman
  • Dialects in danger – Edmund Morrison looks into the Yorkshire dialect
  • Britain’s Secret Files on Nationalist Leader Colin Jordan – Part III – by Peter Rushton
  • Book Review: If we do nothing Essays and Reviews from 25 years of White Advocacy – by Jared Taylor – reviewed by James Knight.
  • Local Elections 2018, UKIP disappearance leaves nationalist vacuum – Peter Rushton looks at this years’ local election results
  • Movie Review: Darkest Hour – the new Churchill movie reviewed by Mark Webber
  • Zionist thought police target “anti-Semitic” Left – by Peter Rushton
  • Two pages of readers’ letters
  • Movement News – Latest analysis of the nationalist movement – by Peter Rushton

If you would like 2 sample copies please send £5.00 /$10.00 or for a years (6 issues) subscription, send £26.00 (UK) – $48.00 (USA) – £35.00/$48.00 (Rest of world).

The real victims of Windrush

Sajid Javid, the UK's first Asian Home Secretary

Sajid Javid, the UK’s first Asian Home Secretary

The (Dis-)United Kingdom has its first Asian Home Secretary, after the appointment of Rochdale-born Pakistani Sajid Javid this morning.

This follows last night’s political drama, when Amber Rudd resigned – not because of the epidemic of knife crime. not because of the uncontrolled flood of illegal immigration, but because of the technical ‘offence’ of misleading parliament in the massively hyped Windrush ‘scandal’.

The true scandal of course is that (beginning with the arrival of the former troopship Empire Windrush in 1948) British towns and cities were transformed into multiracial environments – without British voters having any say in the matter.

Yet for the last few days British ministers have been falling over themselves to apologise, not to several generations of our own people whose interests were betrayed, but to a handful of Jamaican immigrants who couldn’t be bothered to obtain proper documentation (such as a UK passport) at any time in the last few decades, so now find themselves unable to prove their legal right of residence.

The technical issue that forced Amber Rudd’s resignation was her department’s ‘target’ for deportations.  Sensible Britons are baffled as to why there should be any question of delay in deporting illegal immigrants: but the media and Westminster insiders are constantly cringing before the pro-immigration lobby. Ms Rudd was questioned in front of a parliamentary committee last week and denied that the Home Office had any deportation target.  Then on Saturday a leaked letter from 2017 showed Ms Rudd informing the Prime Minister of her intention to increase the deportation target by 10%.

Aside from the historic betrayals over seventy years since the arrival of the Windrush, Theresa May’s government needs to get a grip over continuing immigration from outside the EU, presently totalling more than 200,000 each year, the equivalent of a city the size of York.

As immigration expert and former ambassador Lord Green wrote a few weeks ago, Home Secretary Amber Rudd “has shown no interest at all in concrete steps to reduce immigration. That may be because, as an economic liberal, she is sympathetic to the pre-emptive cries of alarm from industry. But employers’ claims that a reduction in immigration for lower-paid work would harm the economy are simply not supported by the evidence. Indeed, large inflows of cheap labour may have hindered productivity growth, while they have certainly disincentivised training of UK workers by employers. Meanwhile, in 2014/15, the working age benefit bill for EU migrants in the UK was over £4 billion or about £12 million per day – a huge sum.”

Will Sajid Javid – himself the son of a Pakistani immigrant – be likely to respond to the justified concerns of Lord Green, and the clearly expressed views of most British voters on immigration? H&D will be watching our new Home Secretary, but we shall not be holding our breath in anticipation of a new immigration policy, or even a serious implementation of existing policy!

British Australian Community Britfest 2018

I had the pleasure of attending BRITFEST 2018 which was held in one of the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. The spacious hall was a pleasant venue for such an occasion and an audience of about 250 enjoyed the British-centric entertainment on offer. Organised by the capable office bearers of the British Australian Community, the BRITFEST has been running for about 30 years and showcases some of the great British traditional entertainment that many might have forgotten.

Dave Astin (left) visiting Sherwood Forest with the late Jock Spooner

The history and culture of Australia from 1788 until recent times is simply an extension of the history and culture of the British Isles. English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh (plus a few related Northern Europeans) came to Australia and created the culture that we now recognise as traditionally Australian. The purpose of the non-political, non-sectarian BAC is to

  • Represent the interests of British people and their descendants in Australia
  • Promote British culture and its uniquely Australian expression and evolution
  • Make representations to Federal, State and local governments and statutory bodies and the media in support of our community
  • Combat prejudice and misunderstanding regarding British people and their descendants
  • Provide social activities for our community that celebrate our heritage and identity.

Anyway, to BRITFEST 2018:

I arrived around 10am on a beautiful autumn day and was pleased to see all manner of British flags in evidence, covering walls, windows and hanging from any available vantage point. The room was filling nicely and after a brief welcome to BRITFEST 2018 by the BAC President, we headed straight into a display of Morris Dancing by a local team of Morris Dancers, resplendent with their multi-coloured coats, shin bells, handkerchiefs and sticks. Sometimes subtle, sometimes rather brutal with the wafting and hitting of sticks, each demonstration of this traditional dance managed to finish without injury to the participants or audience.

Next was a performance of an all-girl singing group who regaled us with some beautiful traditional and more modern songs performed in the Welsh language.

Despite the efforts of the Plantagenet kings, Scottish dancing has survived through the centuries and we had a Melbourne-based Scottish Dance Group, accompanied by a piper, sweeping the dance floor with a flurry of tartan.

Scottish Dancing at Britfest 2018

What would any festival of Britishness be without some readings from Robert Burns? We all enjoyed the background information and readings from the great Scottish poet followed by a military re-enactment group who showed us some drill whilst dressed in early 20th Century uniforms and carrying interesting looking long rifles with bayonets. Because this year’s BRITFEST was held indoors, the soldiers couldn’t fire their weapons, but a few hearty shouts of “BANG” at the appropriate times by the men in uniform (with the occasional audible ‘click’ shout, depicting a misfire) certainly gave us the idea of what was happening.

During the day, these artistes performed varied items in a revolving cavalcade of British entertainment. A Punch and Judy show was also available for the littlies who had tired of skipping unhindered around the dancefloor in 19th Century style clothes).

Of course, watching these people showcase their talents and applauding them with gusto, one tends to build up a thirst and a healthy appetite. The BAC had that covered, with a wide range of British beers available in cans and bottles; unfortunately no draught, but that is understandable. There were also scones with jam and cream, black pudding, haggis, Cumberland sausage and other delicacies available and, this being Australia, all was cooked on a sizzling BBQ (apart from the scones, of course).

As the afternoon meandered on and I became rather partial to a Speckled Hen or two (ahem), I made my way outside to meet some of the audience who were also in need of sustenance. It was a welcome sight to see Australian men and women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s rejoicing in their antecedents’ heritage and discussing their background with pride in broad Australian accents.

The whole show wound up about 4pm and all who attended seemed very happy at the standard of the entertainment and refreshments. I might have flown 1,000km to visit this event, but it was certainly worthwhile and as long as the young men and women can resist the multicultural garbage being pushed by our current and past range of politicians, I believe that the BAC and BRITFEST will have a healthy future. Why not look at attending BRITFEST 2019? It might be a long way away from Britain, but the trip will be worthwhile, if only to see that, in this outpost on the other side of the world, some truly British traditions remain.

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