Birmingham paper hypes story of 1990s MI5 mole in National Front

Andy Carmichael – MI5 mole in the NF – operated long after the party had already gone into decline

This weekend’s edition of the Birmingham-based Sunday Mercury gives great prominence to a recycled story from the 1990s, under the headline Revealed: How MI5 mole ‘sabotaged’ National Front in the West Midlands.

This is just another retelling of the Andy Carmichael story, first revealed by the Sunday Times in 1997.  Carmichael was recruited by MI5 in 1991 and via a West Midlands Police Special Branch handler was paid to act as an informant and agent of disruption inside the National Front.

The Sunday Mercury‘s latest twist comes from personal and party documents handed to Warwick University archives by Wayne Ashcroft, then a teenage NF activist, who is best known for his close association with Nick Griffin during the latter’s attempt to build a power base in the nationalist movement before he became BNP leader in 1999. Ashcroft’s dealings with Griffin were exposed in an edition of ITV’s investigative programme The Cook Report in 1997.

Wayne Ashcroft during his NF days in the 1990s

Contrary to the impression given by the Mercury, the NF was already a shadow of its former self by the time MI5 deployed Carmichael. Multiple splits had crippled the movement during the 1980s and during the early 1990s it was obvious that John Tyndall’s BNP, rather than the NF, was the significant force in British nationalism. Most of the senior figures in the NF’s ‘Flag’ faction (which by this time had unquestioned use of the party name) had already quit or were about to quit before Carmichael started doing MI5’s work.

Some of Ashcroft’s documents indicate that Carmichael helped to stir up a factional dispute within the NF, allying with party chairman Ian Anderson in changing the party’s name to National Democrats in 1995. Anderson’s rival John McAuley kept the NF name going, though Anderson had won a ballot of party members and took several leading activists with him as well as the party’s bank account.

In a bulletin included with the Ashcroft papers, John McAuley wrote:
“Carmichael was the main instigator of the ‘name change split’. Anderson could not have done it without Carmichael’s total support.”

Ian Anderson during an interview in 1991: the same year that Carmichael (who later duped him) was recruited by MI5

Curiously another important backer of Anderson (and personal friend of Carmichael) is not mentioned in the Mercury‘s story.  Simon Darby went on to be right-hand man to Nick Griffin in the BNP for more than a decade, despite suspicions among anti-Griffin nationalists that Darby might also have been a state operative.

Meanwhile Wayne Ashcroft (like Lancashire-based former NF/ND activist Stephen Ebbs) moved on to the Conservative Party. He changed his name to George Ashcroft and was elected a Tory councillor for Telford & Wrekin and deputy chairman of the Telford Conservative Association.  However he quit the Tories as part of a local dispute in 2008 and sat as an independent councillor until losing his seat in 2011.

Mr Ashcroft is now an MA student at Wolverhampton University and has had no connection with the nationalist movement for many years.  He told the Mercury:
“I am deeply ashamed of my actions at the time and I have renounced racism and anything of that kind. …I admire the work the security services do, they are very good at diverting people from such groups and many people went on to normal lives and families and today are not involved in racism. If it had not have been for Andy Carmichael and others like him there are many people who could have gone down a very, very different path. In that respect I greatly admire him for putting himself on the line, he is a remarkable man.”

Former MI5 agent Carmichael is now a window salesman in Sutton Coldfield.

Anne Marie Waters now favourite to win UKIP leadership

UKIP leadership candidate Anne Marie Waters (left) promoting the UK launch of anti-Islam group PEGIDA alongside the EDL founder Tommy Robinson (centre) and Liberty GB’s Paul Weston

Anti-Islam campaigner Anne Marie Waters is now favourite to win the UKIP leadership. The result will be announced at the party’s conference in Torquay on 29th September.

Ms Waters is an associate of EDL founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (alias ‘Tommy Robinson’), and one of her campaign organisers is ex-BNP official Jack Buckby. Most of the UKIP establishment, including almost all of its MEPs, are set to quit if she wins the leadership, but ordinary members seem more receptive to her obsessional focus on Islam.

Despite Jack Buckby’s involvement in her campaign, Ms Waters has indicated that she would not allow former BNP or NF members to join UKIP (maintaining the present constitutional ban on such applicants).  However a Waters-led UKIP would almost certainly attract a flood of applications from supporters of the EDL and other anti-Islamist groups such as Pegida and Liberty GB.

For almost the entire campaign (since the resignation of Paul Nuttall just after the general election) GLA member Peter Whittle had been favourite to win UKIP’s leadership election, but heavy bets have been placed on Ms Waters in the last few days, making her the new favourite with bookmakers including Ladbrokes, Bet Fred, Coral and Betfair.

Dark horse UKIP leadership candidate Henry Bolton has extensive experience as a military intelligence officer and counter-terrorism expert

Rival candidate Henry Bolton (favoured by much of the UKIP establishment) seems to have overplayed his hand by warning last week that UKIP “could see a swing away from our traditional, secular values and stances; towards something far darker… we could easily slip towards the ideals of National Socialism. The last thing UKIP needs is to become the UK Nazi Party.”

UKIP members seems to have viewed this intervention (quite rightly) as ludicrous hype.  Anne Marie Waters is an Islam-obsessed crank, but she isn’t a “Nazi”!

2017 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting, Friday 6th October, Preston

The 2017 Annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Friday 6th October, 2017
Preston – Lancashire1pm – 6pm
Keith Axon: Meeting Chairman: – Longstanding friend of JT, former NF and BNP organiser
Speakers include (in alphabetical order):
Benny Bullman: – lead singer of the Blood & honour band Whitelaw, and longstanding British Movement activist
Mark Collett: – former Young BNP organizer, twice acquitted on ‘race-hate’ charges and author of Decline of Western Man
Richard Edmonds: – Longstanding friend of JT, National Front directorate member activist – former BNP national organiser
Stephen Frost: – National secretary of the British Movement and author of the Colin Jordan biography ‘TWAS A GOOD FIGHT’!
Julie Lake: – former BNP organiser, now National Front & South West Forum organiser
Dr. James Lewthwaite: – former Bradford City Councillor, archaeology lecturer, organiser for the British Democrats and Orangeman
Eddy Morrison: – Longstanding White nationalist, former NF, BNP and WNP organiser – now editor of the online newsletter  White Voice
Peter Rushton: – Assistant editor of Heritage and Destiny magazine & Russia Today and Press TV commentator
 Jez Turner: – former soldier in the Royal Corps of Signals, Pashtun translator, now chairman of the London Forum
Other guest speakers may be announced on the day
This year’s (second) John Tyndall Memorial meeting is being organized by Heritage and Destiny magazine and will be held in Preston, Lancashire on Friday October 6th at 1pm. If you wish to attend please call our office number – 07833 677484  for full details and directions to the venue (which will be in Preston City centre).
Doors open at 12 noon and meeting will start at 1pm prompt.  However, can you please aim to get to Preston for between 11.30am – 12 noon as we will have two re-direction points (one for those coming by car and the other for those using public transport) in operation and we want to get everybody to the meeting venue in plenty of time.
There will be literature/merchandise tables from a number of different nationalist groups at the meeting. If you or your group would like a free merchandise table to sell your wares at the meeting please contact us ASAP as space is now very limited

We also need more raffle prizes, so if you have anything you can donate to the raffle (or auction) please let us know – or just bring it along on the day.
There will be a buffet (including vegetarian); cash-bar; raffle (with some great prizes), auction and much more. So make sure you, your family and friends are free Friday October 6th and get yourselves over to Preston!
Those of you are coming by train/coach, please book up well in advance, or else all the cheap seats will be gone. Likewise if you need overnight accommodation in Preston, book now to get the best deals (call our office for advice if need be). We understand that a number of meeting attendees are staying in nearby Blackpool this year, where there is a far greater choice of B&B and hotel accommodation, so you may want to bare that in mind. If you are flying in the nearest airports are Manchester and Liverpool, both have direct trains to Preston.
There will be two socials – one on the evening of Thursday 5th for those arriving the day before – and one after the meeting has finished on the Friday evening. We have a great venue, which serves real ales and good food at very reasonable prices.
If for whatever reason, you can’t attend the meeting, but would like to send a donation, to help with the meeting costs instead, that would be great. Please send cheques or postal/money orders (made payable to Heritage and Destiny) to – H&D 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE, or via PayPal to –
Thank you all once again for your fantastic support and we look forward to seeing and meeting as many of you fellow-nationalists as possible in Preston on Friday October 6th.

Allies = All Lies

Richard Edmonds speaking in German and English explains how Allied war propaganda – acknowledged to have promoted lies about Germany during the First World War – was also responsible for numerous lies in the Second World War which (unlike the earlier ones which were swiftly discredited after 1918) have in many cases remained current to this day.

He discusses the revelations by eminent German journalist Fritjof Meyer concerning so-called extermination camps, and exposure in the Guardian and elsewhere of the scandals at a British-run torture centre in Bad Nenndorf.


Sentence reduced on NA activist Laurence Burns

Today at the Court of Appeal in London a serious injustice was partly remedied when young National Action activist Laurence Burns had 18 months cut from his prison sentence.

Last year at Cambridge Crown Court, Laurence was savagely sentenced to four years in prison for offences against our notorious Race Laws.  Three years of this sentence related to posts on Facebook, and one year to a speech Laurence had given outside the U.S. Embassy in Grosvenor Square, London.

Today a panel of judges (Lord Justice Davis, Mr Justice Phillips and Mr Justice Garnham) allowed Laurence’s appeal against sentence, which was cut from four years to two-and-a-half years, in a success for Laurence’s defence team: barrister Adrian Davies and solicitor Kevin Lowry-Mullins.

The Appeal Court agreed that the original sentence had been “manifestly excessive”.

Meanwhile 22-year-old Jack Renshaw is remanded in custody at HMP Preston, with a trial date set for January 2nd next year.  Mr Renshaw, formerly a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, faces two “racial hatred” charges in connection with speeches last year at nationalist events in Blackpool and Yorkshire. We can make no further comment on Mr Renshaw’s case at this time for legal reasons.

German election campaign livens up with frontrunner Merkel under pressure

Martin Schulz (left) failed to achieve the debate victory he needed to revive the SPD’s challenge to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (right)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel remains a strong favourite to secure re-election when her fellow countrymen go to the polls on 24th September.  In 2015 Merkel’s decision to admit well over a million asylum seekers seemed to be not only a catastrophe for Germans but a political disaster for Merkel herself. Her conservative CDU-CSU [the CDU operates in most of Germany but has a longstanding partnership with the Catholic CSU in Bavaria] was losing votes to a new anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) throughout late 2015 and 2016.

Then at the start of this year the SPD (German equivalent of the Labour Party) started to take a lead in opinion polls after selecting former European Parliament president Martin Schulz as its candidate for Chancellor.

However once the campaign got under way many voters, especially in the more prosperous western areas of Germany, began to turn back to Merkel partly out of fear that the SPD would form a coalition government including the neo-Marxist Left Party (Die Linke) as well as the Greens.  The Left Party includes former leaders of the Communist Party that ruled the former East Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

A further complication is that former SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has taken a position on the board of the Russian state oil company Rosneft, raising suspicions among journalists hostile to Putin.

The TV debate on September 3rd between Merkel and Schulz was seen as the socialist opposition’s last chance to revive their campaign.

However Schulz failed to make significant progress in the debate and seems headed for certain defeat.

Frauke Petry, co-leader of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany, decided earlier this year not to be AfD’s candidate for Chancellor

Meanwhile AfD has suffered internal strains, with co-leader Frauke Petry deciding not to be the party’s candidate for Chancellor.

In recent days Merkel has tried to take her campaign to eastern areas that remain hostile to her immigration policy.  The Financial Times this weekend describes a disastrous Merkel campaign event in Bitterfeld, an industrial town in Lower Saxony where AfD remains strong.  Some predict that while AfD’s nationwide vote will be under 10%, it could poll closer to 20% in the East (outside the capital Berlin which remains a leftist stronghold).

AfD has not resolved internal debates over how to deal with present-day Germany’s tyrannical laws that dictate not only what can be said on racial matters, but how scientists, historians, lawyers and ordinary citizens can discuss issues of 20th century history.

Germany’s main nationalist party the NPD will be fielding candidates in most of the country both at constituency and list level. (The German election system is partly based on Westminster style constituencies but with a ‘top-up’ element based on party lists, to create a Parliament that represents the percentage votes achieved by each party, with a 5% threshold required to obtain any MPs.)

Ursula Haverbeck in discussion with her lawyer Wolfram Nahrath during court proceedings in November 2016

Recently the 88-year-old Ursula Haverbeck was given a two-year sentence for ‘Holocaust denial’ after questioning the increasingly discredited official version of history that dictates 6 million Jews were murdered, supposedly mainly in homicidal gas chambers during the Second World War.

German prosecutors and government representatives refuse to answer Frau Haverbeck’s questions as to how, where and on whose orders such supposed mass killings took place: instead of answering such questions they bring further criminal charges. However contrary to some reports Frau Haverbeck is not presently in a prison cell, as despite court verdicts and sentences there are still appeal processes going on.

Meanwhile the 81-year-old lawyer Horst Mahler remains imprisoned near Berlin on similar charges, having been handed back to German custody in June by the Hungarian government. Mahler had been released from a 12-year prison sentence on health grounds after becoming critically ill and having a leg amputated, but prosecutors ordered his return to prison earlier this year.

H&D Issue 80 published

The new issue (#80) of Heritage and Destiny magazine is now out. The 26 page, September-October 2017 issue, has as its lead.

H&D’s Peter Rushton speaks at Spandau rally – 1,000 Nationalists mark 30th Anniversary of Rudolf Hess’s murder

Contents include:

  • Editorial – by Mark Cotterill
  • White Sharia – A talk by Eli Harman adapted into an article  – by Simon Sheppard
  • Book Review: The Racial Loyalist Manifesto –  by Matthew Hale – reviewed by Martin Kerr
  • The Infantilization of Modern Man – by Richard Duuchesne
  • Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd: South Africa’s Greatest Prime Minister, Part VI – by Stephen Mitford Goodson.
  • Book Review:  The Fall of Western Man  – by Mark Collett – reviewed by Peter Rushton
  • Right of Reply – Ian Freeman replies to his critics (Stephen Frost and Martin Kerr) over his Haters, Baiters and Would-Be Dictatorsbook review
  • Carl Klang and his music – by Eddy Morrison
  • Western Spring’s John Tyndall Memorial – meeting report by Peter Rushton
  • Two pages of readers’ letters
  • Movement News – Latest analysis of the nationalist movement – by Peter Rushton

If you would like 2 sample copies please send £5.00 /$10.00 or for a year’s (6 issues) subscription, send £26.00 (UK) – $48.00 (USA) – £35.00/$48.00 (Rest of world).

Stormfront can still be accessed despite Internet censors!

As many H&D readers will know, the world’s longest established racial nationalist web page Stormfront has been hit by the latest wave of online censorship.

However despite the best efforts of the usual suspects, Stormfront remains accessible if you make a very simple change to a file on your computer.

Our friends at National Vanguard explain how to do this.


UKIP plot to block anti-Islam takeover

Jane Collins (right) now has the support of three former rival candidates in her bid for UKIP leadership – though her fellow Yorkshire & Humber MEP Mike Hookem (left) is supporting Henry Bolton

Four of the candidates in the chaotic UKIP leadership election have united in a last-ditch effort to block anti-Islamist candidates Anne Marie Waters and Peter Whittle.

There had been eleven leadership candidates, but Scottish MEP David Coburn and two ex-Tories – Gloucestershire councillor Ben Walker and former Hertfordshire councillor Marion Mason – have abandoned their own campaigns and now back Jane Collins, a Yorkshire MEP who polled 22% at the Rotherham by-election in 2012.

This new alliance calling itself UKIP United will be formally launched tomorrow at a 10am Westminster press conference, and backs Jane Collins for UKIP leader with Coburn to be her deputy and Walker to be appointed party chairman. UKIP United is supported by one of the party’s biggest donors, retired bookmaker Alan Bown.

In a letter released to party members yesterday, Ms Collins strongly criticised both the outgoing leadership of Paul Nuttall and his general election campaign team.  At several points in her letter she attacks small groups of London activists, in an appeal to party members outside the capital and an implied attack on leadership favourite Peter Whittle (described by the Jewish Chronicle as “the Israel-loving friendly face of UKIP”) who is a member of the London Assembly and was last year’s UKIP candidate for Mayor of London.

Ms Collins denounced this year’s UKIP general election campaign for its obsession with “nonsense about burkas and beekeepers as the leadership lurched from one PR disaster to another, largely of their own making.”

Retiring UKIP leader Paul Nuttall (left), who presided over a disastrous general election campaign this year, is endorsing leeadership favourite Peter Whittle (right).

Paul Nuttall has endorsed Whittle, who has signalled that if elected he would appoint Anne Marie Waters as his deputy.  Ms Waters is presently second favourite for the leadership, but is anathema to many leading figures in the party because of her open involvement with militant anti-Islam groups such as the English Defence League and Pegida.  She is a close ally of EDL founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (alias ‘Tommy Robinson’) and her campaign team has included former BNP activist Jack Buckby.

None of the ‘moderate’ candidates had emerged as a clear challenger to Whittle and Waters, hence the field thinning out this weekend, but many members will remain confused.  Another of the fringe candidates, former parliamentary candidate David Allen, has also wound up his own campaign and endorsed Henry Bolton, a military intelligence veteran and foreign policy expert who was UKIP candidate for Kent Police & Crime Commissioner last year.

Henry Bolton (left) – dark horse in the UKIP leadership race – with Nigel Farage

Bookmakers have responded to these developments by making Bolton and Collins joint third-favourites, alongside mixed-race David Kurten (another London Assembly member) and Welsh businessman John Rees-Evans.

These four candidates are jostling in hope of emerging as the clear rival to the leading two: Whittle and Waters.  There is one remaining fringe candidate, space travel enthusiast Aidan Powlesland.

Nigel Farage seems to be backing Henry Bolton, while past leadership candidate Bill Etheridge (a West Midlands MEP seen as head of a libertarian faction) has endorsed John Rees-Evans, who would appoint Etheridge as deputy.

Ballot papers began to be sent out to UKIP members this weekend. With seven candidates (rather than the original elevcn) now on the ballot paper, the election will be decided on a simple, Westminster-style first-past-the-post basis, with no second choices available.  The winner will be announced on September 29th at UKIP’s conference in Torquay.

Meanwhile the UKIP youth wing Young Independence planned to hold its conference in Sheffield this weekend, but the event had to be cancelled after militant ‘anti-fascists’ forced the cancellation of two venues. First the Hilton Hotel cancelled the booking claiming that there had been threats to the safety of staff and other guests.  Then a second venue, the Bessemer pub which would have hosted a smaller-scale version of the conference, also cancelled, claiming they had not been told the truth about the booking.

‘Anti-fascists’ would have protested outside the venues, due to the presence of speakers Anne Marie Waters and Martin Sellner, an Austrian anti-immigration campaigner.

Having once been among the leading political parties in Britain – winning more votes than any other party at the 2014 European Parliament election – UKIP has declined to fringe status and is now easy prey for the far left, particularly because unlike racial nationalist activists, UKIP officials have no experience in street politics.

Is Scottish Labour set for Asian leader?

Kezia Dugdale (right) has resigned as leader of Scottish Labour, a few weeks after revealing that she was ‘in a relationship’ with Jenny Gilruth, an MSP for the rival Scottish National Party

After the surprise resignation of Kezia Dugdale (leader of the Scottish Labour Party and Opposition Leader in the Scottish Parliament), Scottish Labour seems likely to elect its first Asian leader, 34-year-old Glasgow MSP Anas Sarwar.

This would be the second prominent political position held by a British-born Asian, after Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London last year.

One point to remember is that this has absolutely nothing to do with an ‘Islamist’ agenda.  Though both Khan and Sarwar happen to be Muslims, their political record in office has had little or nothing to do with ‘Islamist’ issues, and when Khan’s Tory opponent Zac Goldsmith tried to make Islam an issue in last year’s mayoral election it was seen by London voters as desperate and embarrassing.

Anas Sarwar (right) with his father Mohammad, the former MP and millionaire businessman

Neither has this anything to do with the ‘hard left’.  Both Khan and Sarwar (especially the latter) are close to the Labour Party’s pre-Corbyn establishment, rather than any type of left-wing faction. Indeed this is true of the Labour Party generally.  With the odd exception such as Diane Abbott, most non-white high-flying Labour careerists are on the Blairite Right of the party, not the Corbynite Left. (A leading example is Chuka Umunna, still seen by Blairites as a future party leader.)

The same applies to many prominent gays and lesbians, who rose to prominence in the Blairite ‘New Labour’ era.  Kezia Dugdale, the lesbian leader of Scottish Labour who has just resigned, had no roots in either the socialist left or the old trade unionist right of the party.  Her latest ‘partner’ is an SNP politician, her father still votes SNP, and Ms Dugdale herself seems to have been interested in SNP and vaguely ‘progressive’ politics before eventually opting to join Labour.

Kezia Dugdale with Jeremy Corbyn, whose left-wing leadership she opposed

One of the strangest developments in British politics has been the rapid disappearance of the Scottish Labour Party that had seemed a permanent fixture of life north of the border. Perhaps because it was partly based on two other dying institutions – the Catholic Church and the trade unions – Scottish Labour aged and decayed, with dying generations failing to be replaced by new young recruits (a phenomenon that racial nationalists will sadly recognise).

During the last couple of years Labour nationwide (after losing a generation) has benefited from a flood of new young left-wing recruits, but it’s not yet clear how far this Corbynite movement, associated with a Labour faction called Momentum, can succeed in Scotland.  As in Labour’s old strongholds in northern England, Corbynism with its stress on trendy metropolitan causes seems more in tune with middle-class students and London literati than with the Scottish working class.

A young Anas Sarwar with the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat: some joke that having this photo taken is the only politically radical act in Anas’s career!

Anas Sarwar as candidate of the Labour Right will face scepticism in some quarters.  He is the son of millionaire businessman Mohammad Sarwar who built up a cash-and-carry business in Glasgow, then became a Labour MP for thirteen years until handing over the Glasgow Central seat to his son in 2010.  Mohammad Sarwar then returned to Pakistan where he was active in the conservative Pakistan Muslim League and was Governor of Punjab from 2013 to 2015, before defecting to the ‘centrist’ party Movement for Justice founded by former cricketer Imran Khan.

Anas Sarwar was educated at an elite fee-paying school in Glasgow, Hutchesons’ Grammar, and now sends his own son to the same school, despite Labour’s general opposition to private education. However it’s difficult for Corbynistas to criticise him, as their very own Diane Abbott sent her son to the private City of London School.

Nevertheless most leftwingers in Scotland are likely to shun Sarwar and opt for Central Scotland MSP Richard Leonard, an economist who worked for the GMB union before entering the Scottish Parliament last year (though Leonard was also privately educated, at Pocklington School near York).  Leonard has been using the slogan: “Let’s stop dividing people by nationality, and start uniting them by class.”  This is not only a rallying call against the SNP, but possibly also a traditional socialist’s dig at the new generation of Blair/Clinton style ‘progressives’ who have focused on the ‘identity politics’ of gender, race and ‘LGBT rights’ rather than neo-Marxist class politics.

Best of enemies? Anas Sarwar (left) with likely leadership rival Richard Leonard

The leadership of Scottish Labour has been a poisoned chalice since the resignation of Jack McConnell, who held the job for almost six years until 2007.  Ms Dugdale was the fifth person to hold the job in the ten years since McConnell (not counting various caretaker leaders).

For racial nationalists outside Scotland, Labour’s travails north of the border add up to a case study of what happens when an apparently deep-rooted political culture collapses.


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