As another two “nationalist” parties hit the scene!

“Do we really need any more nationalist parties?”
Asks England First chairman Mark Cotterill

Just after I had explained to some new young nationalists (who attended the recent John Tyndall Memorial meeting in Preston) why this country needed fewer nationalist parties we hear that two more have joined the scene – God help us!

Logo of the new British Freedom Party

Logo of the new British Freedom Party

Both new parties claim to be nationalist – however both point out that they are not racialist, i.e. racial-nationalists (like our good selves!). And one of them – the British Freedom Party (not to be confused with the late Freedom Party of Adrian Davies) has even used multiracial images to promote itself!

The people behind this new British Freedom Party (Peter Mullins, Michaela Mackenzie, John Savage and Simon Bennett, although little known even within some regions of the BNP, I imagine) clearly have a high regard for their own ability and importance, but they will soon find out that obscurity is a far greater handicap than “baggage” (however defined).

There are any number of people out there who sincerely believe that, because they have had a moderately successful career in business, the civil service, the armed forces or one of the professions – or maybe because they have just left university with a degree and “know what people want” or “how to play the game” – that success in politics (and not just nationalist politics) is virtually assured. There might be a few transferable skills, but that is all.

Political life – especially on the “far-right” is almost completely different from anything else and – certainly in our brand of politics – it is only a burning passion which makes people return to the fray again and again and shrug off disappointment and abuse. This type of passion is seldom found among non-racial nationalists or civil populists for whom a desire to be loved is a guiding principle. The words on the signpost saying ‘Easy route’ magically transform themselves into ‘Road to oblivion’ once the traveller has passed them by.

BFP webmaster Simon Bennett

BFP webmaster Simon Bennett

The BFP are just an anti-immigration party judging by my quick look at their impressive website. So we now have a wishy-washy anti-EU party (UKIP), a wish-washy anti-Muslim and anti-war party (BNP), an anti-Muslim street gang/organisation that may turn political at any time (EDL), and now a wishy-washy anti-immigration party – the BFP, as well as the National Front (NF), British People’s Party (BPP), National Alliance and maybe one or two others I’ve missed on the “British” side.

The other new party is from the “English” side. The English People’s Party (EPP) is led by one Andrew Constantine – (although according to the Electoral Commission’s website his wife Rosalind is the leader!) – who a couple of years back left the English Democrats Party (EDP) to form the Free England Party (FEP). The FEP crashed out and folded after just over a year and Mr Constantine joined (and took over by all accounts) the English Independence Party (EIP). They even managed to get well respected English nationalist – and Steadfast editor – Tony Linsell on board. Sadly it seems the EIP was to go the same way as the FEP. So now Mr Constantine has joined up with former NF member Nigel Bromage to form the non-racist EPP! You could not make it up!

Andrew Constantine

Andrew Constantine

Now don’t get mixed up here – The English People’s Party is not the British People’s Party (the Bradford based group led by Kevin and Kate Watmough). What is odd is that the Electoral Commission let Mr and Mrs Constantine use the name “English People’s Party” – when they would not let Mr Watmough use the name “British People’s Party” a few years earlier. The Electoral Commission claimed that as there was already a party called (Socialist) People’s Party, that Mr Watmough could not use the name “British People’s Party”! So instead he had to register the name “BPP – Putting Britons First”. Can we suggest that Mr Watmough asks the powers that be at the very posh Electoral Commission headquarters in London why this is?

However, back to the point! It would seem that there is no contentment in splitting the Nationalist vote any further amongst the many different political parties, and that they are now splitting it along people’s main gripes also. Are the BFP and EPP hedging their bets maybe – who knows?

It is quite simple really, we need one strong, honest, loyal and capable leader, and one completely united racial-nationalist political party that campaigns against all the woes that we have as a nation and as a people. Without it we are all over the place yet going nowhere – as we have been for ages now. In fact we are heading back towards the 1980s when we were overwhelmed with so many different nationalist parties and groups that you got giddy just looking them up!

Multiracial image promoting the new BFP

Multiracial image promoting the new BFP

The very pro-Israel Lee Barnes (who appears to be heavily involved in the new BFP) says on his website …

“Most nationalists are aware of the three traditional strands of Nationalism; Civic Nationalism, Racial Nationalism, Ethno-Nationalism. We reject all of these ideologies as the model for a populist, mainstream political party and movement in favour of the ideology of Cultural Nationalism.”

What is this nutty Zionist on about? – or just on! There aren’t four different types of Nationalism, there are only two.

Racial Nationalism – which is us and non-racial nationalism (SNP. English Dems, Sinn Fein etc). Anything else, such as ‘cultural nationalism’, or ‘ethno-nationalism’ is just nonsense or Toryism by another name. If Race is purged from a party, it becomes a hollow shell devoid of any substance. What would be the point of being involved in our kind of politics if the matter wasn’t about Race?

* Can Leroy and Mustapha come to BFP meetings?
* Are they welcome?
* If they are welcome, then does that mean they can bring their English girlfriends?
* Or better still (as far as they’re concerned) can they find some new girlfriends at the meeting?
* Even better still, can perhaps Leroy and Mustapha find some English girlfriends from the daughters of the leaders of the BFP?

You can see where this is headed. The whole thing becomes a sad joke. A massive elephant is standing in the room and nobody is allowed to discuss it! Members and activists would just simply not bother turning up to meetings.

This BFP party is a sad joke before it begins and will no doubt go the same way as the New Nationalist Party went – and the National Alliance is going.

Keith Axon and Sharon Ebanks celebrate a Birmingham BNP 'victory'. This was overturned in the courts and Birmingham activists later formed the short-lived NNP.

Keith Axon and Sharon Ebanks celebrate a Birmingham BNP 'victory'. This was overturned in the courts. Birmingham activists later formed the short-lived NNP.

But are we in England First any better you may well ask? Well to be honest we never claimed to be the saviours of either England or the White Race and I never claimed to be the great leader that would unite everybody together to win our country back. What I did state six years ago when we formed the EFP that we would be a “holding centre” for English racial-nationalists. A party where good folk could come and “hold out” until the BNP crashed – but meanwhile do something positive for racial-nationalism and the English cause.

The difference between us – the EFP – and most of the other new or newish parties is we understand that Race is more important than anything else. Race is the issue, it always was, and always will be. We don’t believe that the non-whites are the same as us but with a different coloured skin. We don’t hate non-whites but we do believe they should go back to non-white countries and leave us in peace. Liberal “nationalists” and conservatives can whinge and howl all they like. But it’s as simple as that. We want our country back.

So the moral of this story is? We need fewer nationalist parties (British or English it does not matter) – not more – we really do have enough of them already!

Nick Cass and Rajinder Singh campaigning for the BNP - will they end up back in the same party?

Nick Cass and Rajinder Singh campaigning for the BNP - will they end up back in the same party?

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