‘Anti-fascists’ and TV dramatists condemned by Labour MP

Matthew Collins – ‘anti-fascist’ thug in the firing line.

Rosie Cooper, who is retiring this month as Labour MP for West Lancashire, has today spoken out against the ‘anti-fascist’ organisation Hope not Hate and ITV dramatists who worked with them on The Walk-In, a recent fictionalisation of a ‘murder plot’ against Ms Cooper in 2017.

The ITV drama sought to exploit this story to build up Hope not Hate and their ludicrous ‘head of research’ Matthew Collins as heroes.

The real Matthew Collins is a semi-literate thug who found it amusing to poison children’s pet fish at a London infants’ school.

Rosie Cooper MP spoke out against Hope not Hate and ITV, accusing them of exploiting her story

Speaking in the House of Commons today, Rosie Cooper called the series “stupid, stupid, stupid”, and added: “I have been used as a marketing tool by both Hope not Hate and ITV. …So, let’s test the public defence, the public interest defence, to their despicable behaviour and I call on Hope not Hate and ITV to donate all money and profits generated from this TV series, both here and abroad, every single penny should go to the Jo Cox Foundation.”

We can assume that Mr Collins will already have drunk at least some of the profits from the book published in his name as a spin-off from the TV series, but perhaps after Ms Cooper’s comments his friends can organise a collection for the foundation?

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