‘Anti-fascist’ gangster arrested

Dominic Noonan with two young friends

Notorious anti-fascist gangster Dominic Noonan, whose family’s reign of terror in North West England has been detailed in previous issues of Heritage and Destiny, was arrested yesterday by Greater Manchester Police on suspicion of raping a man in the Manchester suburb of Stretford.

A few days earlier Noonan had been arrested for staging a publicity stunt in Manchester city centre: he had climbed to the top of a ferris wheel in Piccadilly Gardens and refused to leave for six hours, leaving tourists including a three year old child trapped and prompting a costly police and fire service operation which closed down part of the city.

The stunt was part of Noonan’s protest against being returned to prison for breach of his licence conditions.  He had earlier been conditionally released from a prison sentence for unlawful possession of a gun and ammunition.  49-year-old Noonan has more than forty criminal convictions for offences including armed robbery and fraud.  His brother Dessie was one of England’s most infamous gangland assassins, while other family members have controlled drug rackets across the city and were part of brutal gang wars that made Manchester the crime capital of Europe.

Dessie and Dominic Noonan were also known for their close ties to pro-IRA and ‘anti-fascist’ terrorist gangs who sought to intimidate nationalist activists.  Their criminal career was celebrated by the far left group Red Action.

Key players in Manchester’s alliance between gangsters, IRA activists and “anti-fascists”. “DC” is Denis Clifford, activist in Red Action and Anti-Fascist Action, whose own brother was a member of the nationalist British Movement jailed for murder; “DN” is Dessie Noonan, the North West’s most feared gangland assassin; “ST” is Steve Tilzey, the most active Searchlight and AFA operative in the north of England, once jailed for kidnapping. This photo was taken in Manchester at the pro-IRA Manchester Martyrs march, also featuring local gangster and IRA supporter Paddy Logan.

In 2005 Dessie Noonan was stabbed to death by a rival (black) gangster, soon after being interviewed for a documentary by left-wing journalist Donal Macintyre.  Mark Duggan (nephew of Dessie Noonan) was shot dead in North London by police marksmen in 2011, prompting riots across the capital and in other inner city ethnic ghettos.

H&D cannot yet comment on the latest rape allegations against Dominic Noonan for legal reasons, but several local and national newspapers have reported that the alleged victim is a man in his 20s.  According to Greater Manchester Police: “Specially trained officers are supporting the victim and enquiries are continuing.”

Dessie Noonan’s gangland funeral

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