“Anti-fascist” gangster and the 2011 riots

riotpic3Ten days on from the riots that hit British cities in mid-August 2011 it has become clear that Mark Duggan – the gunman and drug dealer whose death at the hands of police marksmen triggered the initial riots in Tottenham – was more than the standard issue black gangster.

Duggan was the nephew of Manchester’s leading godfathers, the Noonan brothers, whose connection to anti-fascist politics was detailed in Heritage and Destiny Issue 15 (April 2004).  Duggan’s aunt Julie Easton – mother of fellow gangster Kelvin Easton whose murder Duggan was planning to revenge when the Metropolitan Police ended his life of crime – is the former wife of Dessie Noonan, a gangland assassin responsible for more than two dozen murders.

Dessie Noonan also acted as an enforcer for Manchester’s anti-fascist movement, which has been bankrolled for decades by the city’s influential and militant Jewish community.  Their campaigns included employing Dessie Noonan to threaten Manchester nationalists at gunpoint.  A year after Noonan’s exposure in H&D he was stabbed to death on 19th March 2005.  His brother Dominic (also an active anti-fascist as well as openly homosexual) continued the family business and has been jailed several times for armed robberies and firearms offences.

As Mark Duggan advanced his own career in North London organised crime he frequently travelled to Salford to meet his Noonan relatives.  So it was no surprise that within days of his death Dominic Noonan mobilised his Salford gang to instigate further rioting.  Taking advantage of the transfer of many Greater Manchester policemen to reinforce embattled colleagues in the capital, Noonan led his own troops into Manchester city centre, where they torched and looted for hours.

For further updates on the riots and the Noonan connection, see the forthcoming H&D Issue 46 (available at the end of September).

In a further blow to the liberal orthodoxy – that the riots were a reaction to black poverty and “racist” oppression, a 20-year-old semi-professional footballer has been arrested for stoning police and looting clothes from an exclusive Sloane Square store.

Mario Quiassaca, who when not playing football for Staines Town had been a student at Kingston College until he was expelled in January this year, kicked in windows at the Hugo Boss shop and stole items worth £1,133, including a puffa jacket that he foolish enough to wear on his way home!

On August 12th he admitted theft and violent disorder, and was remanded in custody at Westminster Magistrates Court.

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