Another new party registered – Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party

Actor Laurence Fox (above right) gained a political profile during appearances on debate shows, notably the BBC’s Question Time, such as this argument with Corbynista lawyer Shami Chakrabarti

On the same day that the government outlined plans to go ahead with local elections on May 6th, it was confirmed that the Electoral Commission has confirmed registration of a new political party, the Reclaim Party fronted by actor Laurence Fox, best known for his role as DS (later DI) James Hathaway in the long-running detective series Lewis.

Mr Fox is part of an acting dynasty including his father James and uncle Edward. The latter was also involved in politics as a supporter of Sir James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party and later UKIP. Laurence Fox’s political views were publicised during 2020 in connection with an anti-‘woke’ agenda and backlash against ‘cancel culture’, especially in reaction to excesses of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, nationwide vandalism of statues, and undermining of British heritage.

The implication of his party’s name – Reclaim – is that it sets out to reclaim both a supposed British tradition of ‘free speech’ and other aspects of our threatened heritage, though Mr Fox shuns even the slightest association with ‘racism’ and avoids mentioning that British traditions of free speech ended when the race laws were passed, before Mr Fox was born.

Mr Fox and Reclaim have also become associated with a sceptical approach to Covid lockdown.

Laurence Fox (above right) meeting in December 2020 pre-lockdown with fellow Reclaim Party founders Calvin Robinson and Jake Scott.

Racial nationalists will be aware that there is a latent contradiction between the liberal/libertarian concept of ‘freedom’ and traditionalism, let alone racial nationalism. For example it is the capitalist ‘free market’, not left-wing ‘wokeism’, that created Britain’s multiracial society and associated problems.

Cynics will also note the contrast between the Reclaim Party being now registered with the Electoral Commission – and therefore able to stand candidates in the May elections – and the continuing obstacles placed in the way of racial nationalist party Patriotic Alternative, which is not yet registered and therefore at present unable to have its party name on ballot papers.

However, a more optimistic interpretation would welcome Mr Fox’s new party since while far from perfect it does at least raise many issues that need airing and should help build a broadly and unashamedly patriotic identity.

Reclaim is now competing with what remains of UKIP and its various offshoots, including Nigel Farage’s renamed Reform UK (formerly the Brexit Party) for what might be termed the neo-Brexiteer, civic nationalist vote.

Somewhat to the right of this field are the English Democrats and the more racially aware parties such as the National Front, British Democratic Party, For Britain Movement, and (if it ever contests another election) the BNP.

Jeremy Hosking, the main financial backer of the Reclaim Party

Technically, as with Reform UK, the Reclaim Party is not a totally new registration but a renaming of an existing party, in this case the very little-known ‘Brexit Express’, founded by former Tory donor Jeremy Hosking before the 2016 referendum.

Mr Hosking (a shareholder in Crystal Palace Football Club) is believed to be the main financial backer of the Reclaim Party. He was also the main donor involved in the rescue of the political magazine Standpoint, which represents a more moderate and liberal version of Mr Fox’s agenda in support of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘Western civilization’.

PS: We understand that the latest reason for the Electoral Commission rejecting Patriotic Alternative’s registration (for the third time!) is that the Commission objects to a clause in PA’s proposed constitution that restricts membership to those who broadly agree with PA policies. The Commission regards such a clause as racially discriminatory, their warped reasoning being that any racial nationalist party’s policies would be abhorrent to non-Whites, therefore in order to stay within the law and be ‘non-discriminatory’, a registered political party must be prepared to admit members who are adamantly opposed to everything the party stands for. Needless to say, this only applies to racial nationalist parties!

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