Adam Walker stays on as BNP Chairman for four more years

Best of enemies: Nick Griffin (above left) and Adam Walker, the man who replaced him as BNP leader in July 2014 and who remains chairman of the moribund ‘party’ in defiance of its supposed constitution.

Those with copies of the British National Party constitution will know that there is meant to be an election for Party Chairman every four years. The last “election” – which Adam Walker won by default (as nobody else stood) – was in July 2019.

So you might have thought there would have been another election this month, as their constitution states that nominations have to be open and be prominently published on the BNP website for one week from the last Monday in June. However, those who regularly check the BNP’s dormant website will note that this did not happen.

The constitution then goes on to say that nominations close on the first Monday of July. Well we are at the end of July now, and that did not happen either!

The BNP website is still keen to help readers through the pandemic – have they heard yet that the Falklands War is over? But most of all they are keen to offer ways that you can donate to the party’s non-existent campaigns.

The BNP’s website is very rarely – once a month at best – updated now, since their former webmaster quit a few years ago to file a legal suit (which failed) against Adam Walker through the civil courts. The front page is still offering BNP members (are there any left now?) support during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020-2021. It also wishes them a “Happy St George’s Day” – from back in April, and of course asks them to donate and leave money to them in their wills!

The BNP has long since given up on political campaigning and the only point in its continued existence is to wait for two more (that we know of) legacies from elderly supporters who made their wills back in the days when the BNP was still a credible party. One member has bequeathed them their house in Greater London, which will now be worth well over one million pounds, and another in the North East of England has left them half a million from their bank account.

UKIP has now reached the BNP stage where the party only continues to exist in the expectation of legacies. But at least UKIP (unlike the BNP) are honest enough to make some sort of political effort rather than sitting waiting for the cash to roll in. The last time the BNP fought a Parliamentary election was back in December 2019.

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