A weekend to celebrate!

Congratulations to Laura Towler and Sam Melia (respectively deputy leader and Yorkshire regional organiser of Patriotic Alternative) who this week welcomed baby daughter Violet – a sister for Catherine.

As most H&D readers will know, Sam is presently serving a prison sentence for the ‘crime’ of distributing political stickers. The situation is reminiscent of Sir Oswald and Lady Mosley in 1940, who were interned as political prisoners when their son Max was eleven weeks old.

We know that Laura and Sam are resolute and committed patriots who will not be deterred by these difficult circumstances.

This morning’s news of the latest addition to the Melia family adds to a weekend of celebrations.

And it’s appropriate to mark April 20th with this video of Sir John Eliot Gardiner, who is 81 today, conducting a motet by Anton Bruckner at last year’s Coronation of King Charles III.

Sir John’s father Rolf Gardiner was a prominent racial nationalist and pioneer of organic farming. He shared the ‘blood and soil’ ideology of the Third Reich’s agriculture minister Walther Darré.

In the latest edition of H&D, Isabel Peralta discusses the crucial relevance of ‘blood and soil’ in today’s Europe.

Rolf Gardiner, racial nationalist and advocate of ‘blood and soil’, at his wedding in 1932 to Marabel Hodgkin. The guard of honour is from the North Skelton sword dance group.

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