A Summer Of Discontent: On The Front Line In Leicester

Leicester Demo: The English ShieldwallBy Nemesis:

Leicester is expected to be one of the first cities within the UK where the indigenous English population will be become a minority. This transition from English majority to minority is expected to arrive as early as 2012.

Leicester is generally regarded as a ‘successful’ model in multicultural integration. But this is only partially the case
and such ‘success’ has only been brought by the subjugation of the local English through a combination of indoctrination, through fear and the suppression of facts. The disgraceful ‘Leicester Mercury’, a rag renowned for its censorship and lies, has spearheaded a propaganda drive that censors any manifestation of anti-English and anti-white
behaviour by immigrant ethnic groups, whilst suppressing any manifestation of English political or cultural awareness.

All that changed last Sunday (24th May 2010) when English nationalists took to the streets of Leicester, angered by a blatant display of anti-English racism by Asian racists. A couple of weeks before, Asians had burnt an English flag at a pub and shouted racist abuse at the pub’s manager.

The story itself was virtually hidden in the local rag and there was no outrage expressed at was a deliberate provocation of the local English and their culture. If the attack had been made by white youths one would have expected the entire local race relations industry to have been galvanised into action. The local press would have borne a front page story of how white racists had committed an atrocity on Asian culture, and the police public relations organisations would have gone into overdrive in an attempt to quell Asian anger and spark institutionalised outrage at what they would perceive as a further example of white racism.

Of course, as to be expected, the anti-English racist incident was met with indifference by the authorities who seemed keen on downplaying it.

And so it was that The English Shieldwall, a national English nationalist street organisation based in Leicester, decided to present a united English front to bring the matter to the attention of the public.

Dozens of English nationalists came from across the country, including Ulster, Liverpool, Swindon and Nottingham, to support local Leicester activists in bringing a touch of colour and energy to a hot Sunday afternoon in the city centre.

We marched from a local city pub, which supported the demo into the heart of the city, and stood our ground at the city’s Clock Tower, decking the area with a sea of banners, flags and placards. Surrounded by the police there was no trouble from the eighty to a hundred English demonstrators as the police quickly nipped in the bud a couple of attempts at racist behaviour by an Asian youth. Local English shoppers clapped at our demo and listened to a couple of
speeches. Whilst we gave out literature highlighting institutionalised discrimination against the English the police did not intervene to prevent us from staging our peaceful protest.

One of the major reasons why the event was peaceful was because the racist and anti-British Communist outfit known as United Against Fascism (UAF) were not present. Had they in fact been present they would have been hard pressed to explain away their opposition to a demonstration intended to highlight racism – even if it was racism directed against
whites. This is perhaps the reason why this racist outfit was conspicuous by its absence for the protest. But then again the UAF are neither noted for their intelligence or sense of irony.

Although the demonstration was triggered by the recent Asian racist burning of the English flag, the protest was designed to highlight the growing wave of Anglophobia -the fear and hatred against the English and its culture – fuelled by recent Metropolitan police advice in March that pubs should address “dress codes restrictions”. This meant, in effect, that there could be no football shirts in pubs screening matches. A group called “I Am Against the Ban On England Shirts During the World Cup” amassed more than 60,000 supporters in response to the possible crackdown. But following protests the police changed their advice and made a tactful retreat from their earlier position.

Despite police backtracking, claiming that it was a ‘myth’ that there was intended to have been a ban on England flags and shirts, all English nationalists know that the situation would never have happened if an Asian or similar ethnic minority football team was playing and their local supporters were intending to support them. It could only happen to the English.

The English have now become second-class citizens in their own land, where the dominant institutions and culture
actively discriminates against the English and against expression of English culture or identity. The English are similarly discriminated against on a passive level through a culture that fails to recognise their existence as a distinct ethnicity or culture, and refuses to acknowledge it for fear of being classed as ‘racist’.

It seems that the only ethnic group that one can lawfully discriminate against are the English.

But the line has now been firmly drawn in the sand and in Leicester, on the frontline of the failed British experiment in multiculturalism, the English have finally woken up and said, ‘Enough is enough!’ The English have had enough of being colonised and being ignored, their voice silenced by a New World Order programme of subjugating the English as a people. By using the weapons of censorship, indoctrination and in denying the English a right to their culture and their identity, the ruling anti-English elite think that they have won. But as from Sunday this elite will have to think again – for the English have awakened – and are on the march!

Thanks to all English nationalists who supported the protest in Leicester on Sunday. Your presence was greatly appreciated. The way forward is for all English campaigning groups to stand together and work together. We must co-operate with one another, standing in unity and ethnic solidarity against the enemies of the English. We are stronger together!

This article first appeared on North West Nationalists: http://northwestnationalists.blogspot.com/2010/05/on-front-line-in-leicester.html

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