£7.40 prescription charge – but only if you’re English!

nhsFrom today, if you’re unlucky enough to need prescription medicine, you will face an increased prescription charge of £7.40 – but only if you’re English.  The other three nations in our DisUnited Kingdom have no prescription charges at all!

If you want an eye test in England, that will be £19.  Once again, in Scotland such tests are free.

And of course in England you will have to pay the full cost of care homes for the elderly, unless your assets are below £23,000.

Why should we be surprised?  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own Parliaments or Assemblies.  England does not.

The consequence is that in health policy (as in education) there is no representative body to speak for the English.  Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs can vote on all these matters affecting the English – yet these and other “devolved” policy areas are dealt with by, for example, the Scottish Parliament, when they affect Scottish voters.

Is it any wonder that the English consistently get the worse deal?

The British Medical Association has called for prescription charges in England to be abolished since not only are the English unfairly discriminated against, there are further anomalies where some long-term illnesses lead to free prescriptions while others don’t.

If you agree that this is wrong, join the England First Party and campaign in this year’s elections!

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