BNP Activists Unite to Call for Griffin Regignation
Issue Number: 44

April-June 2011
Contents include:
Ronald Rickcord – A Sailor’s Account of the Crimean War
Sic Semper Tyrannis – Peter Rushton reports on the demise of Col. Gadhafi and Nick Griffin
Troy Southgate’s new book – Nazis, Fascists, or Neither – Ideological Credentials of the British Far right 1987-1994 reviewed by gil Caldwell
Peter – Rushton – My Enemy’s Enemy? – Tough choices for nationalists
Latest analysis of the nationalist movement with news on the BNP, EDL, English Democrats, the French National Front and German NPD
Thomas Weber’s new book – Hitlers First War – The Men of the List Regiment and the First World War reviewed by Martin Kerr
Oldham BNP – the final chapter by Peter Rushton
Ian Anderson – Obituary – by Mark Cotterill
White America Embattled in Charlotte – American Renaissance conference cancelled again – report by David Yeagley
The Way Back – Movie Review by Mark Cotterill

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