21st Century Witchcraft in London???

The murderers of 15-year-old Kristy Bamu, inspired by African Christianity

The murderers of 15-year-old Kristy Bamu, inspired by African Christianity

On March 1st the British media wallowed in the tragic tale of a 15 year old African boy who was tortured and murdered by his own sister and her boyfriend in an East London flat on Christmas Day 2010.

It seems that this is not an isolated case, and that various bizarre religious practices imported from Africa are rife in British cities.  The Metropolitan Police confirmed this week that it has investigated 83 cases of child abuses involving witchcraft during the past decade, and this is likely to be the tip of the iceberg.

If we were to believe the rhetoric of Nick Griffin and his new allies in the English Defence League, we would think that the problem with “multiculturalism” is the supposed “threat” from Islam, and that without the alleged iniquities of the Koran, immigration would be no problem.

Yet the murder of Kristy Bamu, like that of Victoria Climbié and it would seem many others, is rooted not in Islam but in Christianity – African Christianity.

A leading campaigner against child abuse in these churches, Debbie Ariyo, told the Daily Telegraph:

“If you look at how fast new African churches have grown since 2005, it’s quite astonishing. One of the key beliefs of these churches is in witches and exorcising them. Dozens of rogue churches don’t want to change their practices. Small churches can be hidden away in a living room or a garage.”

Surely this is yet more evidence that the threat to our way of life is from unrestricted immigration, not from a particular religion.  Africans have their own traditional practices and way of life, which is best suited to Africa, not to London.

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