100 years ago today: how Mussolini’s March on Rome saved Italy

Those Italians and fellow Europeans who dare to defy the liberal-left’s tyrannical rewriting of history are today celebrating the centenary of the March on Rome, when Benito Mussolini and his Fascisti saved Italy from communism and chaos.

In 2022 even a former fascist such as new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni feels obliged to denounce the Duce. But H&D thought our readers might be interested to learn what British journalists who knew Italy well were writing about the March on Rome and Mussolini’s seizure of power back in 1922 – before postwar brainwashing made it impossible for the mainstream press to write anything truthful about fascism or national socialism.

The Daily Telegraph wrote:
“In spite of the late disquieting rumours about Italy, there is no more pleasant country to stay in! After visiting the distressed states of Central Europe, it is a real and vivid joy to come to the smiling land of olive and cypress tree! Within her kingdom one is struck by her prosperity, her insouciance, her comfort, and, at least, the outward security of the country…
“Italy has troubles of her own, but, thanks to the Fascisti, who have restored law and order, there is peace. How much this state of affairs is due to the Fascisti is perhaps not fully realised; nor is their strength, their effective organisation, and the extent of their influence possibly appreciated or understood. In the opinion of most enlightened Italians they have not only been instrumental in repressing Socialist risings, but have saved the country from complete chaos, if not ruin!
“…Under the leadership of Count Mussolini, the admirable organisation known as the ‘Fascisti’ became a greater power than the powerful Socialists themselves. The strength of the Fascisti lies in their enthusiasm, their quiet determination, and the youthful backing of the country. There is scarcely a young man between the ages of 18 and 25 who is not a Fascist. Their policy is one of secrecy, of promptness: they are always on the spot and ready to spring when necessary.”

Similarly the Daily Mail reported:
“All the world has heard of the Fascisti – yet few people outside Italy have any precise knowledge of the mighty organisation which, created only a little more than two years ago, has reconquered Italy for the Italians, in a new Risorgimento which in a sense is a pendant and completion of the movement of the 1860s.
“There are more than a million declared and organised Fascisti in Italy today – and few of them are over 30. …700,000 of these Fascisti are workmen who have seceded from the virulently anti-patriotic Communist-controlled trade unions – for, as the revolutionaries have been unpleasantly reminded, even workmen prefer to be allowed to love, and be proud of, their native country.
“…At the elections in 1919 Fascismo was scarcely born. Now it is master of the country, and yet it is unrepresented in Parliament. The Fascisti said: ‘Give us the new elections which will return us to power – or like Caesar and his legionaries, we will cross the Rubicon and march on Rome.’
“The glory of ancient Rome is indeed their dream, and their army is modelled on the ancient legions. It is a fighting force of something like 300,000, apart from the 700,000 workmen enrolled in the Fascisti trade unions.”

That fighting force transformed Italy, and Mussolini’s two decades in power remain a golden age in his country’s history.

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